Oily skin is the re­sult of the over­pro­duc­tion of se­bum from se­ba­ceous glands. These glands are lo­cated un­der the skin’s sur­face. Se­bum is an oily sub­stance made of fats. Se­bum isn’t all bad since it helps pro­tect and mois­tur­ize your skin and keep your hair shiny and healthy. Too much se­bum, how­ever, may lead to oily skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Ge­net­ics, hor­mone changes, or even stress may in­crease se­bum pro­duc­tion.

Morn­ing Rou­tine- Oil free Cleanser, Toner, An­tiox­i­dant Serum, Zinc Ox­ide sun­screen. Night Rou­tine- Oil free Cleanser, Toner, AHA/BHA Serum, , Oil free mois­tur­izer. Weekly Rou­tine -Clay mask face oil Oil Free Cleanser: In the case of oily skin, oil breed’s bac­te­ria, which leads to break­outs. Al­ways wash your face three times a day if pos­si­ble. The more oil, the more breed­ing ground for blem­ishes. Use an oil free gel or foam cleanser. ZEIN OBAGI OILACLEANSE Toner: Look for an al­co­hol-free toner that has in­gre­di­ents like sodium PCA a humec­tant to hold wa­ter to your skin. OBAGI NUDERM TONER

An­tiox­i­dant Serum: When choos­ing a serum for oily skin, you aren’t go­ing to ben­e­fit from a for­mula that is ex­tremely dry­ing or one that con­tains al­co­hol — strip­ping your skin of mois­ture will only en­cour­age pores to in­crease their pro­duc­tion of se­bum, which leads to more pim­ples, black­heads, and white­heads. In­stead, be on the look-out for hy­drat­ing in­gre­di­ents that are light — green tea and hyaluronic acid are per­fect ex­am­ples.SKINCEUTICALS AN­TIOX­I­DANT Oil-Free Mois­tur­izer With Spf: Lest you think your skin’s oil pro­duc­tion war­rants skip­ping mois­tur­izer, know this, your skin can ac­tu­ally get oilier when it’s de­hy­drated, by over­com­pen­sat­ing. With this in mind, choose a light, oil-free mois­tur­izer with sodium PCA and glyc­erin in the in­gre­di­ent list will help your skin re­tain mois­ture. DER­MA­LOG­ICA MIDBAC CLEARING OIL FREE MATTE SPF 30

AHA/BHA Serum: Any serum with al­pha-hy­droxy

acids will help re­duce the ap­pear­ance of large pores as well as brighten dull spots. If you’re acne-prone, look for in­gre­di­ents like sal­i­cylic acid and tea-tree oil to keep your skin clear. DRUNK ELE­PHANT T.L.C FRAMBOOS GYLCOLIC NIGHT SERUM

Retinol: Retinol is good for oily skin be­cause it helps your pores look smaller with con­tin­ued use.In­dulging in gen­tle clay mask once in a while. Make sure your clay mask doesn’t dry too much be­fore rins­ing it off, this can ac­tu­ally de­hy­drate your skin.

Face Oil: Face oil and oily skin might seem a strange pair, but it’s a good prod­uct to have on hand in su­perdry en­vi­ron­ments like air­planes. Use one drop of oil over mois­tur­izer every hour you’re fly­ing to pre­vent dry­ness and ex­tra oil pro­duc­tion, but not part of your daily rou­tine



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