Sneaker Balls These mini de­odor­iz­ers are strong enough to keep the smell out of your sneak­ers. Spray Them Down If you have any es­sen­tial oils (laven­der, tee tree, lemon, rose­mary, pep­per­mint) put them to use. An­other fix-it-all you may al­ready own is white vine­gar. For des­per­ate cases, soak your shoes in a sink of water and white vine­gar to clean out the bac­te­ria that is caus­ing that stench. Mr. Clean While the Magic Eraser may not be able to ban­ish bad smells, the sponge takes away any scruff marks or dirt stains. Clean Im­me­di­ately Af­ter Us­ing The sooner you buff abra­sions out the eas­ier it will be. Let Them Breathe Stack­ing up shoes might make your room look neater, but no amount of Fre­breeze will help that sit­u­a­tion out. Store sneak­ers and cleats in an open air en­vi­ron­ment to let them breathe. Don’t Over­think It, Throw Them in the Wash­ing Ma­chine While most footwear brands ad­vise against the wash­ing ma­chine for a through­out hand wash­ing, some­time a spin in a sudsy whirlpool is all a shoe needs. Re­move laces and in­soles and add a neu­tral de­ter­gent, wash with bulky items like sheets or tow­els for a gentler op­tion. Pull Out the Tongues This seems sim­ple, but if you’re putting mean miles on your shoes be sure to un­laces and pull open up­pers as much as pos­si­ble af­ter use. This ex­tra air flow will let your sneak­ers breathe and keep odors from be­ing trapped. Spray Them Down, Part II If you don’t have the time or the mo­ti­va­tion to use any of the other ad­vise, spray the with water un­der the shower then leave them in in­di­rect sun­light to give them a fresh start. Bak­ing Soda Sprin­kle bak­ing soda into your run­ners, bas­ket­ball shoes, cleats, or train­ers post work­out to de­odor­ize sweaty shoes and keep you smelling clean. If your shoes have any mesh lay­ers be sure to shake pow­der loose be­fore wear­ing again to avoid puffs of white clouds with each step. 7

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