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From the mo­ment dawn breaks and ones eyes open to the sound of what­ever mech­a­nism roused us from the depth of slum­ber, we are en­meshed in a ca­coph­ony of sounds that con­spire to tell one is alive while rob­bing them of any soli­tude that life may of­fer. In Africa’s megac­i­ties, car horns blare, bus con­duc­tors shout their in­tended des­ti­na­tions, hawk­ers and traders ad­ver­tise their wares at the top of their voices and those who fight fight while those who just want to get by do so. The ra­dio and TV trans­mit what­ever catches their fancy for the mo­ment, phones con­stantly on the move and ev­ery­where you go some­one seems to be say­ing some­thing or the other.

In such an en­vi­ron­ment, noise it seems is ev­ery­where and all around mak­ing the value of si­lence and the price paid for soli­tude a pre­cious trea­sure to pur­sue. It was there­fore with some level of an­tic­i­pa­tion that I walked into the sauna and steam rooms, where the only sound that pen­e­trated was that of ris­ing steam and very soft calm­ing clas­si­cal mu­sic. As my pores opened up and sweat poured down my body, I set­tled into the art of med­i­ca­tion, block­ing out the sounds around me. The rush of blood cours­ing through my veins be­came the pri­mary sound at the cen­ter of my be­ing as si­lence de­scended upon my soul.

Our God is the Lord of The Sab­bath, a day He set aside as Holy where rest, med­i­ta­tion and re­flec­tion is com­manded. A day where­upon com­plet­ing the work of Cre­ation, He stepped back and rested set­ting the ex­am­ple for mankind to fol­low. As I em­braced the essence of si­lence and my mind set­tled into a state of rest, I felt a sense of weight­less­ness de­velop as my spirit was drawn up­wards to a lu­mi­nous bright light. Time seemed to take an elas­tic qual­ity but the strangest dis­cov­ery was where my thoughts set­tled, not on worry, work or money but on God, Love and Pur­pose. In si­lence it seems, the

deep­est and purest of our thoughts re­sides. May the Lord help us find si­lence to­day.

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