Nancy looks the height of glam­our in this beau­ti­ful lace num­ber. The belt/skirt as the only standout ac­ces­sory is sub­tle, yet im­pact­ful - this is cer­tainly one of the most al­lur­ing looks on the red car­pet. Top marks for en­thralling.

This vin­tagein­spired out­fit is all shades of el­e­gant. The de­tail­ing is so pretty that it just makes her look classy and time­less. True epit­ome of ‘less is more’.

Now this is a state­ment dress! The tex­ture, the lay­ers, the sleeves-def­i­nitely a red-car­pet win­ner. And what makes it even more in­ter­est­ing are the de­tails of the dress but yet it re­mains so de­light­ful to the eye.

If you’re go­ing to go big, go big. Bukola has done just that. This is a sub­lime dress turns heads for all the right rea­sons. With­out re­veal­ing any­thing, the eyes fo­cus of the in­tri­cacy of the elab­o­rate but lovely de­sign.

This out­fit may not be a favourite of ev­ery­one, but we are def­i­nitely here for it. Think high fash­ion, think Lady Gaga! Get with the pro­gram. It’s so full of char­ac­ter and per­son­al­ity and a one-off – yes, it is shock­ing but it is also very tongue-incheek and we love it.

Waje looks sparkling, fab­u­lous, ab­so­lutely stun­ning, so­phis­ti­cated and to­tally on trend. She is cur­rently killing it in the style stakes. The ‘now-you-seeit-now-you-don’t’ ef­fect of her dress is a real tease. Naughty but nice!

The em­bel­lish­ment on this fab­ric is pretty and del­i­cate, the colour: on-trend and stun­ning. The gold mesh fab­ric truly suits her and adds a lovely glow to her skin. The train? Red car­pet ap­pro­pri­ate.

Dakore looks flaw­less in this gown; like an egg that meta­mor­phosed into a beau­ti­ful but­ter­fly bloom­ing in such ar­ray of colours. A print as busy as this has the po­ten­tial to over­power, but in­stead, it makes the wearer the cen­ter of at­ten­tion.

An­other lady who made our hit list is Lala in this clas­sic power suit look. She oozes just the right amount of sexy and yet ready for busi­ness. White is a stand out colour that def­i­nitely goes well with her skin tone. This is a great look!

OMG! This woman just does no wrong. The older she gets the bet­ter she looks. She’s the cham­pagne that keeps on pop­ping. This dress is def­i­nitely her - classy and style per­son­i­fied.

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