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The jour­ney home was long and ex­haust­ing. A warm meal and a good nights rest were ut­most on my mind as I walked through the front door, glad to be home once again. My heart sank as I en­tered the kitchen to find ev­i­dence that I hadn’t been ex­pected home that day for noth­ing was avail­able, ready to eat and we were all too tired to even at­tempt cook­ing. Eat­ing out was an op­tion but the ef­fort to leave home was too much a chore so home de­liv­ery be­came the choice of the mo­ment. A quick call to Domino’s Pizza seemed to re­solve the co­nun­drum and I lay back on the liv­ing room set­tee await­ing my soon com­ing meal.

The door bell rang and I opened it to find a smartly dressed de­liv­ery man with a large warm box pre­sent­ing me with my or­der with a smile but ev­ery­thing sud­denly went wrong when on open­ing the box it was ev­i­dent that what I got wasn’t what I or­dered. Quick as a flash, the young man apol­o­gizes and in­forms me that the com­pany pol­icy re­quires them to re­place the or­der im­me­di­ately then goes ahead to fur­ther say they would also have to leave the wrongly de­liv­ered or­der with the cus­tomer. Im­pressed I went in and handed the box of fresh pizza to a vis­it­ing cou­ple to en­joy. They had hardly set­tled into the meal when the door bell rang again and the same de­liv­ery man in­forms me that his su­per­vi­sor in­structed him to bring back the pizza or the money. With slices of pizza al­ready downed, I paid but set­tled in my heart that the com­pany was one where dou­ble speak rules and in­tegrity was lack­ing.

The Almighty God who cre­ated the heav­ens and the earth and all that is within it, for­bade us to swear ei­ther by heaven or by earth or any­thing within them but rather urged us to keep our yea yea and our nay nay. It was His de­sire at cre­ation that man would live to­gether in spirit and in truth un­til de­cep­tion and ly­ing found its way into the hearts of men. So it was with gen­uine sur­prise that I re­ceived a call the next day from the man­ager of the Domino out­let apol­o­giz­ing for how the episode was han­dled. She in­sisted on send­ing a fresh or­der to me in a show of good­will and an ex­pres­sion of ser­vice to their cus­tomers. As the new or­der was be­ing de­liv­ered, my sense of in­ner bal­ance was re­stored again for in a coun­try were in­tegrity is a scarce re­source, I had pleas­antly dis­cov­ered it had a face.

Is your word your bond?

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