Whether it’s a ca­sual frill or full-blown frou frou, ruf­fles and frills are a key trend right now and also one of the eas­i­est to wear. If you’re think­ing that ruf­fles sound more sar­to­ri­ally suited to a seven year old, we can as­sure you that they can be chic, di­rec­tional, ma­ture and play­ful, de­pend­ing on the way you wear them.

FRANCESCAThe great thing about ruf­fles is that the trend looks great on ev­ery body type. Women some­times avoid them out of fear of adding vol­ume, but there’s no need to worry about that is­sue with this dress! The cas­cad­ing ruf­fle is in­her­ently flat­ter­ing be­cause it all comes to­gether at the waist, creat­ing an au­to­matic hour­glass fig­ure.

ARAMIDEWhether you opt for a bold ruf­fle-front dress worn with jeans as seen above, a frilled off-theshoul­der top, or a del­i­cately lay­ered fem­i­nine dress, there’s a ruf­fled look for ev­ery­one.

RITA DO­MINICIf you’re into su­per trendy pieces, you can’t get much trendier than this pink shift dress!

IDIA AISIENYou can work frills into your wardrobe, no mat­ter what your ev­ery­day style is. If your style is a bit edgier, this red pants achieves that mod­ern vibe with just the right amount of flounce.

BUBU OGISIIf you’re just look­ing for a way to par­tic­i­pate in the trend with­out go­ing over­board, you can try a sub­tler ruf­fle trim .

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