Your skin type de­ter­mines how you care for your skin, so why choose your makeup any dif­fer­ently? Us­ing the right base prod­ucts can mean the dif­fer­ence be­tween a face that holds up all day and con­cealer slid­ing off your face by noon. Keep these tips in mind next time you hit a make up shop to take the guess­work out of find­ing the right prod­ucts for you.

DRY SKIN: As any­one who has ever ap­plied pow­der foun­da­tion to de­hy­drated skin can at­test, creamy, mois­tur­iz­ing for­mu­las feel so much bet­ter on drier skin types. A tinted mois­tur­izer like EVE LOM RADIANCE PER­FECTED TINTED MOIS­TUR­IZER SPF 15, is ideal, as it adds an ex­tra layer of mois­ture, while of­fer­ing sheer cov­er­age that won’t em­pha­size flakes or un­even tex­ture. Multi use cream con­ceal­ers like HOUR­GLASS HID­DEN COR­REC­TIVE CON­CEALER or VINCHY COR­REC­TIVE FOUN­DA­TION won’t cling to dry patches and can be used to cover blem­ishes and dark sports, as well as other im­per­fec­tions.

SEN­SI­TIVE SKIN: In­gre­di­ents are the most im­por­tant vari­able to con­sider when choos­ing makeup for sen­si­tive skin, as many widely avail­able prod­ucts con­tain ir­ri­tants like syn­thetic fra­grance. The fewer in­gre­di­ents the bet­ter. CHANEL SERUM FOUN­DA­TION is for­mu­lated with­out parabens, sul­fates, fra­grance, ph­tha­lates or tri­closan and is in­fused with nour­ish­ing ar­gan oil to bal­ance the skin. NAKED SKIN CREASELESS CON­CEALER is ex­cel­lent for all skin types, but its skin sooth­ing prop­er­ties make it es­pe­cially suited to re­ac­tive com­plex­ions.

COM­BI­NA­TION SKIN: Makeup suit­able for com­bi­na­tion skin is all about bal­ance. You want to look for some­thing that will both ab­sorb ex­cess oil and fend off dry­ness. A BB cream like MAC FACE & BODY FOUN­DA­TION can benefit com­bi­na­tion types be­cause its nour­ish­ing prop­er­ties reg­u­late oil pro­duc­tion while also hy­drat­ing the skin. The WEIGHT­LESS NARS CON­CEALER is per­fect for com­bi­na­tion skin be­cause it goes on creamy but has a light, al­most pow­dery feel­ing once ap­plied.

OILY SKIN: Like com­bi­na­tion skin, oily skin types also need bal­ance, Look for fine con­cealer like BOBBI BROWN OIL FREE FOUN­DA­TION, they work to ab­sorb oil with­out dry­ing which can send oil pro­duc­tion into over­drive. IN­FAL­LI­BLE 24HRS MATTE SHINE PROOF FOUN­DA­TION per­forms ex­actly as it claims, coat­ing skin in medium cov­er­age with a semi matte fin­ish that min­i­mizes the look of pores and ap­pears soft fo­cus rather that dry and chalky. Also try a long wear­ing matte con­cealer like RA­DI­ANT CREAMY NARS for cov­er­age that will stay put.

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