When l was much younger,


my friends used to ask me to help them write love let­ters to their boyfriends. They felt I had a way with words... gift of the pen so to speak. This was way be­fore so­cial me­dia and emo­jis took the thrill away from let­ter writ­ing. Oh how l loved to play with words! In fact at some point l nursed the idea of be­ing a poet who could pen­e­trate into the deep­est thoughts of man and evoke buried emo­tions. Till date, l ad­mire peo­ple who can touch a cord ei­ther through their writ­ten word or the lyrics of their songs. Nowa­days, the rhythm and beat of a song is what sells rather than the con­tent. It’s more about com­mer­cial suc­cess as op­posed to the mes­sage be­hind it. Be that as it may, there are artistes who are chang­ing the nar­ra­tive by em­brac­ing the un­con­ven­tional route and sing­ing songs that res­onate and are men­tally stim­u­lat­ing. They make you travel on their lane at their own pace. Some­times their words hit you as you ap­pre­ci­ate their im­pact. Their genre of mu­sic re­quires raw tal­ent be­cause they rely on the strength of their mes­sage to sell their mu­sic. They are usu­ally eclec­tic in their ap­proach and are some­times not ap­pre­ci­ated enough in the mu­si­cal space. Watch­ing them per­form is like watch­ing some­thing un­ravel in the most fas­ci­nat­ing man­ner be­fore your very eyes. You are car­ried along and held afloat till the end of their per­for­mance. Not ev­ery­one ap­pre­ci­ates or un­der­stands al­ter­na­tive mu­sic but those that love it are die-hard fans that tend to pre­fer some­thing out­side the norm. Since this genre of mu­sic does not have as broad an ap­peal, some are not as suc­cess­ful as their com­mer­cial coun­ter­parts as it takes a cer­tain level of ex­po­sure to en­joy such mu­sic. In a few more years though, the mar­ket will get wider as al­ter­na­tive mu­sic gar­ners more mo­men­tum. This should en­cour­age up­com­ing artistes in this genre to har­ness their God given tal­ent and not be de­terred be­cause there is huge po­ten­tial for its fu­ture.


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