Like they al­ways say, “If you’re go­ing to do it, do it right.” Wear­ing hair ex­ten­sions is more than just a trend. Some women choose to wear hair ex­ten­sions as their main hair­style de­spite how long or short their nat­u­ral hair is. Other women want to wear h



The first de­ci­sion you need to make when you pur­chase hair ex­ten­sion is only to wear 100% hu­man hair. The only ex­cep­tion to wear­ing syn­thetic hair is if you are get­ting a braided style and in that case, wear­ing syn­thetic hair for a short pe­riod is ac­cept­able. You want your hair extentions to look and feel nat­u­ral even if it is ob­vi­ously not the case.

Hair ex­ten­sions can be found in the mar­ket and lo­cal beauty stores but it is best and ad­vis­able you buy your hair ex­ten­sions from a rep­utable source like Hair­portNg. You can fol­low them on in­sta­gram @hair­por.ng to source your 100% nat­u­ral hair ex­ten­sion in dif­fer­ent styles and length.


How your hair ar­rives also mat­ters. Buy­ing your hair in a bun­dle is an­other ex­cel­lent way to en­sure that you have pur­chased qual­ity hair.

Hair that is sold by the bun­dle is some of the high­est qual­ity hair avail­able. Usu­ally, the hair has been sourced from a trusted sup­plier and does not con­tain any for­eign el­e­ments.

Bun­dle hair is more ex­pen­sive than hair by the pack­age but you’re get­ting more for your money. Also there is more hair in a sin­gle bun­dle than there is in a sin­gle pack of hair.

Mak­ing the ini­tial in­vest­ment in pur­chas­ing hair by the bun­dle might make a dent in your wal­let. But over time, you’ll be able to reap the ben­e­fits of your wise pur­chase as good qual­ity hair lasts longer and are reusable for mul­ti­ple in­stall­ments.


Just be­cause the hair isn’t grow­ing out of your head doesn’t mean it doesn’t need pro­tec­tion.100% hu­man ex­ten­sions, is just as sus­cep­ti­ble to heat dam­age as your nat­u­ral hair. Make sure that you’re al­ways pro­tect­ing your hair with a spray or cream­based heat pro­tec­tant be­fore you use your heat tools.

YESThat’s right! Hair ex­ten­sions get dirty. As you wear your ex­ten­sions, you need to keep up with your usual clean­ing rou­tine. Once you re­move your ex­ten­sions, you need to give them an ex­cel­lent clar­i­fy­ing clean­ing be­fore you pack them away for fu­ture use. Al­low­ing prod­uct build-up and de­bris to sit on the hair will only cause dam­age to your hair ex­ten­sion.


A tell-tale sign that you haven’t pur­chased good qual­ity hair is shed­ding. If you no­tice that you’re leav­ing a trail of weave be­hind you as you walk, then you’re not wear­ing hair of good qual­ity. If the hair you’re wear­ing is straight or wavy, then make sure you’re brush­ing it with a pad­dle or vented brush. You only want to de­tan­gle it when the hair is wet if the hair you pur­chased is curly or kinky. It’s best to use a wide-toothed comb or a Den­man brush on tex­tured hair. After you’ve de­tan­gled your hair, you should only have a few strands of hair left­over in your brush.

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