This jour­ney through life get as e be o, I tell you.

The pock­ets of tur­bu­lence we ex­pe­ri­ence can be dis­tract­ing but we must keep our eyes on the ball and re­sist ev­ery or­ches­trated at­tempt to de­rail us.

Many are down in the dumps be­cause this year no laugh at all. It’s dealt so many peo­ple ter­ri­fy­ing blows, in one sore spot that they fell apart at the seams.

Hearts bleed­ing, soul limp­ing we all con­tinue with a “to­mor­row go bet­ter spirit”, we con­tinue to di­gest tired dreams and we won­der why we have stom­ach cramps.

We get up from our self in­duced stu­por and head for the mar­ket square danc­ing to strange drum beats and we then won­der why we are at­tract­ing fleas.

I beg, enough of the pity party and please ad­vise your­self. Dump the “why me” ding dong, you are all hot orig­i­nals, stop xe­rox­ing the lives of the Jone­ses, they also weep I tell you.

It is cold out there but it is wor­thy of note that your “per­sonal heater” must be birth from your “de­signer sweat” if not, you will freeze to death.

Some­one once said that to get ahead, you may not have to rein­vent the wheel but ac­tu­ally crash it as op­por­tu­nity is a re­volv­ing door. To sur­vive, you need courage to launch out, grit to nav­i­gate and wis­dom as a com­pass.

Courage is not the ab­sence of fear but the abil­ity to con­front your fears de­spite the odds.

We are some­times served bland meals and ex­pected to eat with rel­ish, but no­body de­ter­mines the “add ons” that we stir in, to make our bit­ter sweet, but the man in the mir­ror, which is you and I.

When we al­low our minds va­ca­tion time, we be­come in­tel­lec­tu­ally in­ef­fec­tive and the door to suc­cess will au­to­mat­i­cally slam shut in our faces. It is im­per­a­tive that we grow our souls with daily doses of “un­usual” to leap ahead.

Con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, there is no free lunch out there, you have to first of all, work our brain cells through iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of goals, then put in some hard work, and fi­nally in­fuse with prayer.

A lit­tle light will change the colour of dark­ness, let your light blaze a trail to help you find your way. When you look back you strain, when you look up you train ..... so pull your gaze to­ward a def­i­nite plan.

If in striv­ing you fall, get up, chin up and move on, stew­ing in the wounds gar­nered will keep you stag­nant and a per­ma­nent pa­tient of Life’s spir­i­tual ICU.

Give to love, walk your talk and re­strain your strain and watch as the el­e­ments align with your hus­tle.

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