We all have bad habits that work against our beauty: not drink­ing enough wa­ter, blow­ing off good sleep, maybe in­dulging in one too many drinks now and then which can re­ally wreck our skin. The good news is, all of these are eas­ily fixed with a cou­ple of days’ rest and some H20. But when it comes to our hair, we rarely think about how our habits work against us with some­times dis­as­trous re­sults. Af­ter all, bad hair habits can work against any de­sire for length, strength and the lus­trous locks of our dreams.But bad habits can be bro­ken. Here are some tips to guide you through to a healthy hair regime.

SWITCH­ING HAIR STYLISTS TOO OF­TEN One of the worst habits is jump­ing from hair­dresser to hair­dresser, which never gives a pro­fes­sional a chance to cre­ate a look. Hair grows out in three stages, and whether it’s long, lay­ered or short, it’s go­ing to go through phases where it re­quires guid­ance from a good stylist to make sure the client knows how to style it as it grows out. Short hair needs more main­te­nance than any­thing else. The key is to find a stylist and a prod­uct reg­i­men that will help you achieve the best style for you. There’s noth­ing wrong with ap­proach­ing some­one with good hair and ask­ing them to rec­om­mend a good hair stylist or sa­lon to you. You can then go in for a blowout or look at the work they do at the sa­lon. Get a feel for how they (hair­dresser/sa­lon) cut and style hair. Also, ask what kind of prod­ucts they rec­om­mend for your hair type – it’s all about get­ting to know the hair you have on your head.

SHEA MOIS­TURE JA­MAICAN BLACK CAS­TOR OIL COM­BI­NA­TION PACK is the best choice to re­plen­ish your weak and brit­tle hair strands. It is a great sham­poo for all black hair types.

NOT PRO­TECT­ING HAIR FROM HEAT An­other way to sab­o­tage your hair goals is overus­ing hot tools. Too much heat on the hair causes ends to be­come dry and brit­tle, which leaves you with bro­ken ends and di­min­ished shine. Heat is not a friend to your hair, but since we have to use it to achieve most of to­day’s looks, it’s im­por­tant to pro­tect your mane with leave-in con­di­tion­ers and serums. Pre-dry­ing while us­ing a nat­u­ral bris­tle brush also cuts down your styling time and the amount of heat ag­gres­sively ap­plied to hair.

MIZANI FIBREFYL ES­SEN­TIAL STRENGTHEN FIX PRIMER, is a great leave-in to use on damp hair be­fore blow dry­ing. Just some sub­tle changes that make a dif­fer­ence in your hair care rou­tine.

SHAMPOOING TOO OF­TEN Jump­ing from stylist to stylist re­ally works against your best hair dreams and goals. We be­lieve women shouldn’t wash their hair too of­ten so we of­ten swear by Cantu Com­plete Con­di­tion­ing wash. It’s a great sub­sti­tute for sham­poo; it cleanses hair with­out strip­ping it of its nat­u­ral oils.

FOR­GET­TING TO TAKE CARE OF NAT­U­RAL HAIR UN­DER­NEATH EX­TEN­SIONS, BRAIDS AND WEAVES One of the worst habits when it comes to weaves and braids is that women ne­glect to con­di­tion the hair and main­tain it. We for­get the hair un­der­neath the sew-in ex­ten­sions be­cause it’s not vis­i­ble. If we don’t take care of the mois­ture bal­ance of our hair, it can dry out, which leads to break­age and dam­age. Our hair re­quires mois­ture and main­te­nance reg­u­larly, even in pro­tec­tive styles. The so­lu­tion to this is ap­ply­ing some prod­uct for mois­ture bal­ance, SHEA MOIS­TURE JA­MAICAN BLACK CAS­TOR OIL STRENGTHEN GROW RE­STORE HAIR SERUM is per­fect for braids and weaves: it stim­u­lates the scalp, strength­ens the hair and helps con­di­tion and re­store our hair’s nat­u­ral strength.

BLEACH­ING HAIR AND US­ING EX­TEN­SIONS Of­ten women try to do too many things to their hair at once. We see women at­tempt­ing to grow their hair out, while on the other hand bleach­ing their hair and/or load­ing up on ex­ten­sions. They are dam­ag­ing the hair and not al­low­ing the hair to do what’s nat­u­ral. Ex­ten­sions can be a tem­po­rary fix but can break the hair dur­ing re­moval, which goes against the ini­tial goals of hair growth.

Let your hair breath. Play with easy hair ac­ces­sories, scarves or a chic fe­dora. T44Z is great for ex­tra length and growth. It stim­u­late hair fol­li­cles to en­cour­age growth.

CHANG­ING HAIR COLOUR TOO OF­TEN Celebri­ties and so­cial me­dia have cre­ated a lot of un­re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions around hair colour be­cause it ap­pears peo­ple can hop from plat­inum blonde to green to brown and back again quickly.The truth is, they’re most likely lace-front wigs or ex­ten­sions, not the celebrity’s ac­tual hair. We also have a lot of mis­con­cep­tions around what it takes to achieve those plat­inum and fan­tasy colours. Hair is a del­i­cate fab­ric, strip­ping and colour­ing it re­peat­edly, even with use of us­ing pro­tein bond­ing treat­ments will dam­age the cu­ti­cle and make it sus­cep­ti­ble to break­age. The pho­tos on so­cial me­dia are be­fore and af­ter shots. What you’re not see­ing is the hours/ days, num­ber of ses­sions and cost it took to get that client from brunette to blonde or mer­maid colours . When it comes to healthy hair colour, we usu­ally rec­om­mend shift­ing one to two shades lighter or darker than your own hair colour if you’re go­ing to do it at home. If you want to play with fan­tasy colours and you know you might change your mind soon af­ter, take it easy on your hair and play with semi-per­ma­nent so­lu­tions like MANIC PANICK VE­GAN HAIR COLOUR which will wash out af­ter a few sham­poos. Hair makeup is also a great op­tion, and wigs and clip-in ex­ten­sions will give you that celebrity look with­out the time, com­mit­ment and po­ten­tial harm that over-bleach­ing might cause.



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