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I looked into the mor­row pet­ri­fied and fear de­cided to adopt me but hope came to play as I rum­maged through my mind seek­ing re­as­sur­ance .... my heart be­gan a race no­body in­vited her to as I en­tered into the realm of in­tro­spec­tion, so­lil­o­quis­ing whilst at it.

We were told to work hard, “dream big” that an un­wa­ver­ing ap­proach to liv­ing will help us birth our dreams with­out cae­sarean, but alas our due date has come and gone and “our wa­ter never broke”.

We were told that if we take a “chill pill” the per­sis­tent fever we carry in our souls will abate, but we con­tinue to shiver like danc­ing leaves with­out re­dress.

Many of us are res­i­dents of “lala land”, we build our cas­tles in the air and whine and whinge ir­ri­tat­ingly that our foun­da­tions are de­fec­tive, whilst trapped in a di­men­sion­less night­mare re­fus­ing the suc­cour that tough de­ci­sions prof­fers.

In­san­ity is now the new sane, it is in vogue to “craze small”, but not to the “bugije” level, a sprin­kle of mad they claim keeps the vul­tures at bay, but don’t let any­one lie to you, if your mind is not “on point” you will be toast.

Coun­try hard” na poor man song, if we are ex­pect­ing that things will dra­mat­i­cally turn around and we will then align, we are in for a rude shock, we have to start from where we are at and stretch our am­bi­tions to elas­tic limit .... wetin you carry for heart, con­vert that to pas­sion, wetin you carry for soul, con­vert that to drive.

Many stu­dents of life’s school of hard knocks have grad­u­ated summa cum laude by gird­ing their “emo­tions” thus pre­vent­ing wan­ton­ness, siev­ing their “in­tel­lect” thereby avoid­ing in­for­ma­tion over­load, the dis­ci­pline of the “will” through the build­ing of the mus­cles of dis­cern­ment.

We must also learn to daily nour­ish our souls with nuggets of wis­dom, chunks of hu­mil­ity and a large dose of em­pa­thy.

Do not lis­ten to naysay­ers as they pussy foot around your des­tiny plant­ing weeds of doubt to suf­fo­cate your re­solve.

Find peace within, look up in hope, fas­ten your seat belt of faith and you will stay afloat de­spite the storms of life.

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