Want to achieve a glowy, even-toned com­plex­ion? Fol­low these sim­ple tips for gor­geous skin all year long.


Wash Your Face Be­fore Bed­time

Cleanse your skin gen­tly, es­pe­cially at night, as a vi­tal part of your bed­time rou­tine. Un­clog­ging pores of the day’s oil and grime is im­por­tant for keep­ing skin clear. A gen­tle cleanser re­moves makeup and ex­cess oil with­out strip­ping your skin. If your skin feels tight and dry after wash­ing, you’re us­ing some­thing too strong. Opt for a creamy face wash.

Take It Easy

Cleanse with your fin­ger­tips and rinse by splash­ing wa­ter on your face. Pat dry. Don’t roughly rub your skin dry with a towel. The pres­sure of a wash­cloth or towel and fric­tion from sonic brush­ing may feel good and ap­peal to your de­sire to be squeaky clean, but can cause darker, un­even skin tone and ag­gra­vate acne. In­stead, dry skin with small, gen­tle pats or let it air dry

Ex­fo­li­ate Your Skin

Not too ag­gres­sively or too of­ten, don’t rub hard — use light pres­sure in a gen­tle cir­cu­lar mo­tion. Over-scrub­bing will only give you ir­ri­ta­tion and a darker, un­even skin tone. Avoid us­ing wash­cloths, spa gloves, buff­ing ads, sonic scrub­bers or coarse scrubs. Choose a fine-grain scrub made with jo­joba beads or other en­vi­ron­ment-friendly beads in­stead. Non­come­do­genic sun­flower oil and ta­ble sugar blended to­gether make an ex­cel­lent all-over ex­fo­lia­tor. Ap­ply in the shower be­fore you turn the wa­ter on. Mas­sage all over us­ing gen­tle pres­sure. Rinse off and pat dry.

Try An Al­co­hol-Free Toner Mist

Spritz your face with a re­fresh­ing fa­cial spray to hy­drate skin and set makeup. On ex­tra hot days, mist through­out the day to re­hy­drate. Also Hy­drate From Within. If you are de­hy­drated, your skin will look dull. Drink half your weight in ounces of wa­ter or non-caf­feinated bev­er­ages like herbal tea for a healthy flush.

Go Easy On The Oil

You want a glow, not an oil slick. Re­sist the urge to slather your skin and scalp with heavy oils. If you’re acne-prone, you’ll pay the price with clogged pores, black­heads and pim­ples. Opt for fra­grance-free sun­flower oil for the same ef­fect and clearer skin. MAPLE HOLISTICS PURE SUN­FLOWER OIL


To keep your skin sup­ple and soft, use lo­tions and mois­tur­iz­ers that con­tain ce­ramides. Ce­ramides are a ma­jor com­po­nent of our skin’s sur­face that pro­tect against mois­ture loss to keep your skin youth­ful, sup­ple, moist and glow­ing.

Get Even

Dark spots and blotchy skin can mar a beau­ti­ful com­plex­ion. Look for prod­ucts with skin-bright­en­ing in­gre­di­ents, like licorice, mul­berry, bear­berry and ko­jic acid. These in­gre­di­ents grad­u­ally fade hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion and en­cour­age an even, ra­di­ant hue. If you need ex­tra cover­age, smooth on a lu­mi­nous foun­da­tion or tinted mois­tur­izer for a nat­u­ral, ra­di­ant fin­ish. Or try light-dif­fus­ing BB creams for a photo-fil­tered ef­fect.

Pro­tect Your Skin

Lack of sun dam­age will keep your skin dewy and sup­ple for years to come. Yes, darker skin needs pro­tec­tion too, es­pe­cially on over­cast days be­cause the UVA pen­e­trates clouds and wind­shields. If your skin dark­ens at all, it’s sun dam­age in the mak­ing; Makeup with sun­screen added is not enough pro­tec­tion. Tech­nol­ogy has made it pos­si­ble for phys­i­cal sun­screens like zinc ox­ide and ti­ta­nium diox­ide to go on sheer. Use SPF 30 and ap­ply with a mas­sage mo­tion with the palm of your hand, gen­tly work­ing the sun­screen into the skin. But be cau­tious; sheer sun­screens use chem­i­cal sun­screen­ing agents that pro­vide less pro­tec­tion against the longer UVA rays.

Go For The Glow

Take some loose pearles­cent (not glit­tery) gold, peach or bronze eye pow­der shadow. Mix a tiny bit in the palm of your hand with a few drops of foun­da­tion, sun­screen or mois­tur­izer. Ap­ply to outer cheeks and brow bone for an ex­tra touch of lu­mi­nos­ity.

Eat Healthy

A low-sugar, an­tiox­i­dant-rich diet con­sist­ing of col­or­ful fruits and veg­eta­bles (es­pe­cially leafy greens), legumes and lean pro­tein will en­sure you’re healthy in­side as well as out for a nat­u­ral glow.

Work It Out

Work­ing out gives you all the beauty ben­e­fits that money can’t buy. Ex­er­cis­ing at least 30 min­utes a day gets your heart pump­ing and in­creases cir­cu­la­tion by bring­ing oxy­gen into your blood­stream. It’s the best way to achieve a youth­ful glow.

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