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Have you ever had an event to at­tend and you look at your bulging wardrobe and ‘see’ ab­so­lutely noth­ing to wear? Most women ac­tu­ally do not give enough mileage to the clothes they in­vest so much in. In fact, you will be sur­prised to learn that as much as some women love to shop, that’s where the thrill ends be­cause as soon as they pur­chase the items, and put it amongst an overly full wardrobe, they promptly for­get about it un­til they see some­one wear­ing some­thing sim­i­lar and they are like ‘l have that! Where did l put it again?’ Don’t get me wrong, true clothes horses ac­tu­ally give their in­vest­ment a good run for their money. They know ex­actly what to wear, how to wear it and when to wear it. They are never caught un­awares and can rus­tle some­thing up as fast as a bril­liant chef can do food in the kitchen. Most of these women have a good eye and are nat­u­rally stylish and on point at all times. On the flip side, you also have those who sadly just shop without learn­ing the art of how to shop prop­erly. They should make a men­tal note on what to avoid and what to ac­quire. In 7 Wardrobe Es­sen­tials Ev­ery Woman Should Own, you at least get the gen­eral pic­ture of what items you must have that can take you any­where whether night or day. What is sad­den­ing is when you don’t even get to en­joy the clothes you have. When you don’t know how to get good mileage from them without look­ing like you are ‘re­peat­ing’ all the time. So­cial me­dia has put un­due pres­sure on clothes not be­ing worn twice. This is to­tally ridicu­lous. So what to do? You play around your out­fit. Change ac­ces­sories. Wear it to a place with dif­fer­ent crowd. You spent so much so why give it so lit­tle ex­po­sure? Ob­vi­ously the time gap be­tween rep­e­ti­tions must be long. But it makes no sense to just keep buy­ing new clothes for ev­ery sin­gle event... un­less you print money in your back­yard that is.

Be­sides, at the very worst, af­ter at the very min­i­mum, sev­eral wears, you can sell the said items on eBay and at least get some­thing back for your in­vest­ment. I re­ally be­lieve the time has also come for ‘clothes for hire’, which can be re­turned af­ter each wear. Makes a lot of sense ac­tu­ally. So that, some­times when you want some­thing new, you just ‘rent’ the out­fit, en­joy the thrill of wear­ing it then promptly re­turn af­ter­wards. Imag­ine how much money women will save just by do­ing that?

Af­ter all when you want milk, you don’t have to buy the whole cow do you?

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