Hand­bags – we can never get enough of them be­cause there is no such thing as too many hand­bags! Do not lis­ten to any­one who says oth­er­wise. If you are a hand­bag hoarder (which most of us are), you should prob­a­bly know about the dif­fer­ent types so you can buy more of th­ese in dif­fer­ent styles! You didn’t see that com­ing, did you? And, that’s why we have a quick check­list for you to go through as we’d hate you to miss any of th­ese.

SATCHEL satchels are per­fect for work­ing women – they hit the sweet spot be­tween be­ing an ev­ery­day hand­bag and a lap­top bag. with this, you don’t have to carry two bags. It can fit in all your ba­sics, plus your gad­gets too. But, re­mem­ber to in­vest in a bag that is sturdy and of good qual­ity – th­ese needs to last longer, so you can­not af­ford any­thing sloppy! JUleZ WRISTLET wristlets are just like your wal­lets, but are so much more func­tional and com­fort­able to carry. Coach and louis Vuit­ton have some fancy and el­e­gant look­ing wristlets. They have enough space to hold your card, cash, and phone too, plus you can carry it on the wrist and be palms free. og oKonKwo mINAUDIERE Minaudiere is a clutch en­crusted with coloured stones, gems, pearls, etc., and oozes grandeur. so, when you have a re­ally spe­cial event, cock­tail party, wed­ding or an evening party to at­tend, you should carry a Minaudiere in­stead of a clutch. and, for those spe­cial days, we ab­so­lutely need one!

CLUTCH The clutch or ‘a Day Clutch’ is sim­ply classy, el­e­gant, and pure so­phis­ti­ca­tion, be­cause we can­not sport a huge bag when we are all dressed up for an event or a party. The only prob­lem some peo­ple have is not be­ing able to de­cide what to carry and what to leave out but, hey, it’s worth it. how­ever, if you are some­one who just can­not do with a small clutch, there are some brands that of­fer clutches with com­part­ments and thus give you more space than the nor­mal ones. But, ev­ery girl needs a clutch for sure! oPe MaK­Inwa

SHOUL­DER BAG The shoul­der bag or the ev­ery­day bag is the most func­tional bag of them all. and, ev­ery brand has its own va­ri­ety, which only makes it more dif­fi­cult to re­sist buy­ing mul­ti­ple ones from dif­fer­ent brands. But, we are not com­plain­ing, are we? They are big and fit in all your bare ne­ces­si­ties, be­cause – let’s face it – we prac­ti­cally carry a mini su­per­mar­ket any­way. Just do it in style. oZInna anUMUDU

QUILTED BAG Quilted bags are con­sid­ered iconic, and there are some chic branded ones that peo­ple dream of buy­ing. If you have been think­ing of in­vest­ing in a bag and do not own one of th­ese, go for it. Chanel, Prada, and her­mes have some of the best-quilted bag op­tions and an in­vest­ment like this will go a long way. Bags like th­ese add to your style state­ment and amp up your over­all look. TosIn aDegBITe

WAL­LET wal­let, or a purse as some call it, is an es­sen­tial part of a girl’s hand­bag; and if you ask us, it is quite per­sonal to each of us. you can make quite a state­ment with this, so pick up some­thing ac­cord­ingly. MIMI on­alaJa

SLING BAG The sling bag or the cross-body bag is func­tional, com­fort­able, and stylish. It’s per­fect for shop­ping, run­ning er­rands, and trav­el­ing. If you are with kids, a sling bag is just per­fect! and th­ese come in all sizes. Func­tional, chic and an ev­ery­day es­sen­tial. Bola Ba­lo­gUn HOBO BAG hobo is a shoul­der style bag, but not as wide. The cres­cent shape makes the bag equal parts for­mal and ca­sual. If you are bored with your reg­u­lar totes and shoul­der bags, pick up the hobo – it will be an ex­cit­ing ad­di­tion to your col­lec­tion. Mon­ICa eTUK

BEACH BAG you need a bag for your va­ca­tion, pe­riod. I know men diss this, but what­ever it is they say, don’t pay at­ten­tion. Buy a jute or a straw bas­ket bag – it is both wa­ter­proof and stylish, plus it can fit in all your stuff when you de­cide to take a dip in the ocean. get one al­ready. DerIn oDIgBe­san ThoMas


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