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Anew year has come and we are all charged up, full of life ready to un­ravel and our faith is obliv­i­ous to fate.

Let me try not to burst your bub­ble but tell you quickly that if you do not put in the work, you can­not reap the ex­pected fruits, no mat­ter how ex­cited you are.

You need to hit the ground run­ning be­cause time is in­dif­fer­ent to your plight. Your ideas must be fresh with­out preser­va­tives or you may lose them to life’s malaise.

The zeal you’re start­ing with must be sus­tained as you can­not al­low the hot air of oth­ers to de­flate your plans.

The past may not have been friendly but she was kind enough to teach you les­sons that will help you nav­i­gate the new year.

The blows to your frag­ile form be­comes dou­ble jeop­ardy when you learn noth­ing from your tra­vail.

You be­lieved the heav­ens for rain in 2018 and it didn’t come, pre­pare again, you pro­pelled your gait for rise and you’re still on ground zero, re­set your mind.

You can­not ex­pect to be­friend com­pla­cency and have the power to sync the stars.

Suc­cess is a snob, she only as­so­ciates with those who put in the time.

The present said to the past, “let my peo­ple go” .... the past re­sponded “I re­leased them to you but they have re­fused to move” .... so bury the past, em­brace the present and open your­self up to the po­ten­tials of pos­ter­ity.

You need to re­duce the ex­cess in your lug­gage so that you can travel light.

Ev­ery day counts, en­ter into a med­i­ta­tive covenant with “the break of day” and in­sist on pe­ri­odic eval­u­a­tion.

You must project the re­al­ity you want to em­brace not only through moot­ing but through a set­ting of goals, walk­ing your talk and build­ing your hopes, block of grit by block of grit

An old adage says: like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives, be­fore you can dim­ple your smile an­other year will em­brace your stream, so seize the day.

We need to be mind­ful, that there is no free lunch out there, lazy will not do it for you, you will need to train your brain mus­cles to de­mand the best from your mind.

Get up, Do real, Work hard and Work smart and the new year will re­ward your hus­tle. It’s that sim­ple. Con­grats to you all. Wel­come to 2019.

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Alero Adollo

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