Come ooo, lets yarn small .... I had a conversati­on with a young friend of mine the other day and she talked extensivel­y about poor quality human beings, the first time she said this, the hairs on my body stood on edge as per the descriptio­n ..... how does anyone God created get called poor quality ..... but alas there are people who have not allowed breeding or malleabili­ty a space in their processing.

They are the ones who are quick to initiate friendship­s based on the bulge in your pocket, trim down the bulk and you watch them disappear. We call them friends for food. I remember someone whose husband was a top man in the government, he lost the election and within five seconds they had turned pariah . There was also another who people used to shut their gates in her face eons ago because she was poor, she later married the ambassador of a country many seek its visa and suddenly she was everybody’s relative.

The emotional currency we spend on these type needs to do ooooooo. They don’t deserve our hearts because they will break it and cremate walahi.

They are the ones who have no scruples, no conscience and they will throw you under the bus and kill you without a second thought. They are about self and you are not a considerat­ion, primary or secondary. I remember someone who was said to have gotten pregnant for her best friend’s husband and her husband is raising the children thinking they are his. Pray tell, who does that to another? Whilst not promoting adultery but whatever happened to contracept­ion when people decide to do this stuff .....

Do you begin to see where this young friend of mine who talked about poor quality human beings is scoring a goal ....

Then the last one to consider today rankles beyond belief, they hide behind closed doors to perpetrate evil, they diligently plan how to promote sorrow in the lives of others, they don’t remember karma, they don’t remember that you reap what you sow, they throw their generation yet unborn into perpetual darkness, they maim, they kill they destroy. I know of someone who used to beat his mother, beat her black and blue because someone somewhere told him that is how to become rich ....

Poor quality human beings, not worth our emotional currency or investment.

We need to be mindful of those we hang out with so that we are not tainted with their hideous brushes. The days are evil and the colours of deceit shine brightly, ponder, so that you do not get caught in the hunter’s trap.

 ?? aleroadoll­ ?? Alero Adollo
aleroadoll­ Alero Adollo

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