I will like to pretend to ramble a bit today and dare to venture near the road less traveled, less traveled because many think that these thoughts show an expression of unfaithful­ness to the Maker, meanwhile if we junk the hypocrisy we may just admit that we all make room and board for these thoughts at some point during our life’s journey.

Over the last few years, many have found things of faith somewhat ineffectiv­e, many have become what we in “Christendo­m” call lukewarm.

Many pilgrims are weary, and therefore more likely to zeroize expectatio­ns rather than be disappoint­ed by God. God does not disappoint but it doesn’t stop us from feeling this way.

I believe in God, not because anyone told me about the Almighty but because he pulled me out of the miry clay and related with me, he’s pulled me out of many dire situations through this journey, but despite this personal relationsh­ip and knowledge, I still fail him on the trust level.

I have passed through many crisis of faith and I did question the love of God for me because it seemed at the time that he sat by and watched me suffer, I did not get the purpose for my processing and I did not see the point for my breaking, but remember, I am not God. I daily watch as the days zoom by and become years, and I continue to wonder why the whole world is going south.

I don’t get God you see, and I don’t pretend I do, but I love him nonetheles­s.

Many have given up on him even though they still do the things of faith but because 2+2 is not adding up to 4, they fall apart, because God does not reside in our logic, on the contrary logic and God are not friends.

I have gotten to a place in my trajectory where God has become more important than my many needs and wants because if he is not more important, then it becomes difficult for me to align.

People die daily without getting answers to their prayers despite their unwavering faith, we use Hebrews chapter 11 to support unanswered prayers but this does not give comfort to the despondent, it only puts more distance between God and man. Hebrews chapter 11 gives us a line up of people of faith who despite unanswered prayers still remained true to God, I always applaud the faithful, because it’s not easy to hold on to faith when our challenges challenge us.

Despite our different interactio­ns with the Shepherd, despite our wrestles with faith, God continues to be God and is not reduced by our doubts. A cursory look at our expectatio­ns of God makes one wonder why we believe

God should enter into a trade by barter arrangemen­t with us, his blessings for our obedience, is there anything he is asking us to do that is so out of the ordinary that we believe we need to be rewarded for compliance……. Why do we insist on conditions precedent to drawdown in trying to build a relationsh­ip with the Master, why must it be quid pro quo…..

We daily whine and whinge over his “supposed” silence on our issues when he has given us power and authority over all that he created. We are his 6th day creation and after he created man, he rested….. pilgrim, you have dominion over all that he created before you, so seize each day and reign.

I do not have answers to life’s complex questions but we must daily reconnect to our power source if we are losing power, so that we do not lose our souls to anger and ignorance.

The days are evil and though it may not seem so, he remains faithful to us through our travails, the times we felt we failed, we won, the times we felt unhinged, he held us together, he is after all the unseen hand in all situations. Rest in that knowledge and rest in the fact that he’s got you, he always has and he always will.

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