This is the current trending fashion for ladies now. The Adire Fabric is a tie and dye material which comes in different colours and textiles such as cotton and silk material. Over the years, it has moved from its regal indigo foundation to a variety of textures, patterns and designs. Ladies now use it to sew many styles.

Consider colours and patterns

Depending on your style, you can either go edgy or traditiona­l. There is a dazzling array of rainbow-inspired hues to pick from.

Carefully curate your ensemble

Pair your Adire with your other ensemble in whatever way works best for you. Your Adire could be the top or the bottom or even what you rock from head to toe.

Accessoriz­e appropriat­ely

Subtle Jewlery works best for adire as there is already enough going on with the fabric. Think along the lines of hoop earrings, bracelets, single-layered necklaces and rings.

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