Eat An Apple A Day

It could keep the dentist away – and help brighten your smile. Apples are particular­ly effective at whitening teeth as they contain malic acid, a chemical found in whitening products to dissolve stains.

Snack On Celery

For two reasons; it can promote saliva production and therefore also help to dissolve stains, and it also contains fibrous cellulose that acts as a natural exfoliator.

Follow With Water

Chase all your green and red drinks, teas, coffee and colas with water to dilute stains that are instantly forming. Water also helps to restore your mouth to a neutral ph.

Apply Vaseline To Your Teeth

A slick across your gnashers can not only act as a protective layer against staining from what passes your lips, but also it can keep lippy in place and prevent it from transferri­ng onto your teeth. Either way – you’ve got a whiter smile.

Carry Floss On You

Keep mini packets of floss in your handbag, car and on your desk because no matter how white your smile is any food stuck in your teeth can leave a lasting colour on your dentition.

Sip Through A Straw

We’re all fans of healthy juices, smoothies and – dare we say – cocktails, but not what they do to our teeth – for surface stains and the enamel. Start drinking them through straws it will help reduce direct contact with the teeth.

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