On living intentiona­lly


Do you sometimes wonder what you will be remembered for after you are long gone? Or generally, what would people say about you and your impact on their lives? It’s been Twenty-five years since Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s death, and we all still talk about his life and the impact of his music. How he inspired a whole generation of African artists and some of the biggest names in Western pop with the Afrobeat sound he created; and his heroic struggle against an oppressive military dictatorsh­ip. Yes, 25 years. Talk about a legend.

Now thanks to his relatively wild lifestyle, some might argue otherwise. But you also can’t deny the fact that he is one of the most influentia­l Africans the world has seen and a national treasure. So this is me picking the good from the bad and focusing on his creativity, courage, larger-than-life personalit­y, and tenacity.

This, right here, tells the importance of living a life of purpose and building a legacy. I believe that legacies have a raw power for good and evil. Some people have positively changed the world and spurred others onto new heights. At the same time, some others have caused massive destructio­n for countless millions and left a wake of pain behind them wherever they went. Which is it for you? How do you affect the people you come in contact with daily? I never knew this, but I have learnt over time that our every move and decision impacts the people around us either directly or indirectly. Our lives have the power to create good or purvey evil. And I tell you, whatever the case, It is important that we choose to do good and speak up for what we believe in.

Remember that building that which will last beyond us is selfless. Again I ask, do you sometimes imagine how people will speak of you in death? It definitely won’t be relevant to you at that point, but it will be to the people you leave behind. We are currently living in the craziest of times. Every day feels like a test. If there were a better time to think about your legacy, it is now. Take today to reflect on how you will use the lessons, informatio­n and skills you have acquired so far to build a life that will leave a tremendous and resounding legacy. While doing that, also take time to log on to

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