August 2, 2022, marked 25 years since the demise of popular Afrobeat legend Fela Anikunlapo Kuti. His major works, including the album ‘Zombie’ (1977), The singles Coffin for Head of State and ‘Unknown Soldier’‘, were written in response to his mother’s death at the hands of the military. We will forever remember him for his legendary personalit­y of speaking his opinions on matters and issues that affected the growth and developmen­t of the nation through his Afrobeat music.

Fela was the inventor of the enduring and influentia­l Afrobeat music style, the composer of an enormous body of music, and one of the bravest political voices in 20thcentur­y African music. It is fair to say that no African musician before or since has sacrificed more for the principles he believed in.

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