A Different View


Whether you’re a baby boomer or a millennial like me, we can all agree that — Gen Z is making waves in the fashion world, and there is no way to ignore them. Don’t you all love how they approach fashion in the most unorthodox manner? Whoever thought there would be a time when we would entertain outrageous yet stunning fashion trends like scarfs, pinafores and skinny jeans on men?

Never one to jump on trends, though, I have more often than not found the business of it a bit ostentatio­us and somewhat frivolous, but I’ve also worked in fashion long enough to realize that they work in mysterious ways. Initially, we cringe and reject certain styles, but after seeing them repeatedly — often on our favourite celebritie­s — they begin to grow on us. Pretty soon, they’ve invaded our wardrobe, and then we find that we can’t even imagine living without them.

I believe that trends generally and not just in fashion, mind you, are most relevant, exciting and valuable when you use them constructi­vely and conscienti­ously with regards to your style, story and viewpoint. It’s certainly not about blindly following what you see everyone doing, but rather about keeping yourself up-to-date and well equipped to make the best decisions.

Of course, there’s also a long list of subtler Gen Z-approved trends that I’ve now fully embraced, all of which suit my everyday style, which is a bit more classic than extreme. Going forward, though, I plan to be a bit more adventurou­s, and you should too. Tap into your inner Gen z and try some of these trends; you just might end up loving it. One thing is certain though, whether you think bucket hats are old-fashioned or oversized clothing paired with skinny sunglasses just make you look crazy, Generation Z and their loud and unapologet­ic fashion choices are here to stay.

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