Many of you might be wondering how scarfs and men can coexist in a sentence, but for the longest time, this has been one fashion accessory that tends to go and come back even way bigger each time it resurfaces. Well, this time around, it’s the silk scarf that has made its resurgence as one of the trendiest looks for men in 2022. From being used for streetwear ensembles to Italian luxury garments, silk scarves are versatile and continuall­y raise the bar depending on their use.

Depending on preference­s, men can put the silk scarf on full blast either around the neck or on their heads or keep things a bit more subtle by tying it to a belt loop or on their man bag, making it an every-outfit kind of accessory.

Essentiall­y an easy way to infuse a flash of elegance into your wardrobe and offer the possibilit­y of creating some nice contrasts and highlights across your outfits. The allure of the silk scarfs lies in the colours, patterns and texture, as these are the things that accentuate the entire look anyway.

Whether your scarf is floral, plain, or bandana patterned, there is no need to feel inadequate cause, at this very moment, you are doing the right thing by accessoris­ing appropriat­ely. So, if you haven’t indulged in this current trend, it’s not too late to make an impression today. Go get a scarf. We’ve totally got your back!

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