Andrew, no check out o, Nigeria go survive!


I don’t know about you, but being optimistic about Nigeria has been so difficult lately. Just when you ask yourself, ‘’Can it really get worse?’’, you wake up to even more bad news that makes you feel like we are definitely the worst country in the world.

It’s now the norm to daily hear of another “Andrew checking out.”

Like most Nigerians in my generation, I have often had cause to ask myself, are we under a curse? Is it ever going to get better? Or is it better to just break up Nigeria?

Now, while it is true that we all sometimes feel these negative vibes, it is also true that there’s a part of us that wears our identity as Nigerians with pride and so badly want to see her do better.

The only hope we seem to have is yet another messiah come 2023. And isn’t that a problem in itself? Like Yomi rightly pointed out, ‘’This systemic depravity was nurtured by us for us and will not end by us being simply “obidient,” “atikulate”, or “batified,” - for these are mere men, not gods.’’

If every Nigerian should begin to dish out the qualities they want in the next President, we would never be able to complete that list. This is why I believe that, at this point, it is up to us Nigerians to save Nigeria. Politics, religion, tribalism and ethnicity should not be used to divide us. We cannot be the people that gave up even as others fought to save their own countries. Nigeria is ours.; it is all we have and truly own. Let us be united in protecting and saving her. When many are ready to let the change begin with them, we will begin to see the change we want. We should all aim to be individual­s that will be proud of this country and that the country will be proud of too.

So today, while many would instead opt to celebrate the nation’s sour points, I chose to highlight her high points. I choose to see a Nigeria that will become the envy of nations. A Nigeria that will rise above its current challenges and will again become prominent globally. A Nigeria that will again be the ‘Giant of Africa’. As she trudges on, may her journey be smooth, fulfilling and safe. On this occasion of her 62nd birthday, these are my wishes.

God Bless Nigeria!!!

God Bless Nigerians!!!

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