Staying Conscious


As a young lady, I had much more than an editorial interest in today’s cover feature. We’ve all been there; that all too familiar fear when you hear a breast cancer diagnosis and the constant reminder from your doctor to self-check. Breast Cancer ranks as one of the most dreaded diseases for women, and despite all the advances in medicine, everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with the disease. The numbers are scary, but Dr Modupe Elebute Odunsi says that staying vigilant about mammograms and self-checks can be game-changing. And what’s even more good news is that it is not a death sentence as often perceived. Yes, if diagnosed on time, you can and most probably will come out of it.

Typically, when one speaks about early detection, self-checking for lumps is the first thought. However, I believe this is not fast enough, as it means the disease may have already materialis­ed. So even though a lump is the most common symptom of cancer, early detection for me means catching any abnormalit­y before it has the chance to manifest in an obvious solid shape. As a woman, you know your body best, so staying aware and raising red flags when any changes are noticed is key. Please get your brain into it consciousl­y and subconscio­usly. Develop healthy habits and again be very aware.

Who else is excited about the fashion season? For those of us in the industry, it’s that time of the year when we get to see the latest offerings from establishe­d and emerging fashion designers and houses. The season also features a star-studded crowd of celebritie­s and street-style stars for a series of runway shows and presentati­ons. Charles Didee Eta has shared with us five designers whose collection­s you should look out for. I personally do not have any favourites, but I am excited to see all the looks that will set the trends for the coming months, which I look forward to sharing in the coming weeks. On that note, I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have loved putting it together.


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