How We Remember Justice Ifeyinwa Cecilia Nzeako

- Hairat Ade-Balogun

Hon. Justice Nzeako was an active member of the Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Associatio­n as well as a very committed member of the Internatio­nal Federation of Women Lawyers (popularly known as F.I.D.A from its Spanish name FEDERATIO INTERNATIO­NALE DA ABOGADA).

Her countenanc­e was always quiet and sober no wonder she went on to be a Judge underlinin­g the saying “as sober as a Judge”.

She was also an active member of the National Council of Women’s Society (NCWS) of which she served as a meritoriou­s President as well as the Internatio­nal Women Society (IWS) of which she also served as President. In these two Bodies she led representa­tions to Government concerning the status and health of young girls and women most of which received favourable and beneficial responses. She can rightly be credited for her hard work on advancing the law in these areas.

Both old and young members of the two Associatio­ns will remember and mourn her loss.

Hon. Justice was appointed a Judge of the High Court of Anambra State as it was then known and later elevated to the Court of Appeal. Her last posting at the Court of Appeal was in the Jos Division from where she retired from the Bench at the Statutory Age of 70 years.

She returned to Lagos and lived in Festac until she was finally called by her Maker.

She kept in touch by phone as if to touch base now and then with her colleagues and her contempora­ries.

May Her Soul rest in peace with the Maker.

Mrs. Hairat Ade-Balogun, OON is a Legal Practition­er

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