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The so­cio-cul­tural set­ting has be­fore now fo­cused on the fe­male fer­til­ity, in the past in­fer­til­ity in­ves­ti­ga­tion be­gan and ended with the eval­u­a­tion of the fe­male alone. It was not un­com­mon for a man to di­vorce not one, but sev­eral wives un­der the mis­taken and chau­vin­is­tic be­lief that women alone were re­spon­si­ble for the in­abil­ity to bear chil­dren. Need­less to say such men did not re­alise that as far as re­pro­duc­tion was con­cerned the pop­u­lar slo­gan “it takes two to tan­gle” is highly ap­pli­ca­ble. In view of this fact it is ad­vised that cou­ples try­ing for ba­bies should visit the physi­cian to­gether, sub­ject them­selves to thor­ough in­ves­ti­ga­tion as pre­scribed by the spe­cial­ist and take to ap­pro­pri­ate pre­scribed man­age­ment in or­der to shorten and fa­cil­i­tate their jour­ney to suc­cess­ful par­ent­hood. This week we are go­ing to be look­ing at this very im­por­tant topic: What Men Need To Know About Their Fer­til­ity.

Male in­fer­til­ity can be de­fined as the in­abil­ity of a male to cause preg­nancy in a fer­tile fe­male. It ac­counts for 40-50 per cent of in­fer­til­ity.

It is usu­ally caused by prob­lems that af­fect ei­ther the sperm pro­duc­tion which is re­lated to both the sperm count and sperm qual­ity or the sperm trans­port. Through med­i­cal test­ing, the doc­tor may be able to find the cause of the prob­lem. Sta­tis­tics how­ever has shown that about two thirds of in­fer­tile men have a prob­lem with mak­ing sperm in the testes.

How com­mon is male in­fer­til­ity?

Male In­fer­til­ity is a wide spread prob­lem. In about 1 in 5 in­fer­tile cou­ples, the prob­lem lies solely with the male part­ner. It is also es­ti­mated that 1 in 20 men have some kind of in­fer­til­ity prob­lem with low num­ber of sperm in their ejac­u­late, how­ever only about 1 in 100 men have no sperm in their ejac­u­late.

What are the com­mon causes of male in­fer­til­ity?

The root cause of a man’s in­fer­til­ity may not be easy to es­tab­lish for up to 50 per cent of men di­ag­nosed with male fac­tor in­fer­til­ity. The spe­cific causes re­main un­known gen­er­ally. Male in­fer­til­ity prob­lems are of­ten un­clear, most of the treat­ment op­tion re­mains the same what­ever the un­der­ly­ing causes maybe.

Some of the most com­mon causes in­clude:

Med­i­cal causes

drain the tes­ti­cles are swollen. It is the most com­mon cause of rev­ersible in­fer­til­ity in men.

as kline­fel­ter in which the man is born with XXY chro­mo­some in­stead of XY. va­sec­tomy

Dis­eases (STDs), uri­nary tract in­fec­tion or a se­vere mumps in­fec­tion af­ter pu­berty

time can im­pair sperm pro­duc­tion and de­crease male fer­til­ity surgery

med­i­cal treat­ment such as surgery or ra­di­a­tion used for can­cer treat­ment

de­gree rel­a­tive with a fer­til­ity dis­or­der

and chronic ill­nesses, such as sickle cell dis­ease etc.

En­vi­ron­men­tal causes

Over­ex­po­sure to cer­tain en­vi­ron­men­tal el­e­ments such as heat, tox­ins and chem­i­cal can re­duce sperm pro­duc­tion and func­tion

ben­zene, pes­ti­cides, her­bi­cides, or­ganic sol­vent, paint­ing ma­te­ri­als and lead. long pe­ri­ods, wear­ing tight cloth­ing and work­ing on a lap­top com­puter for long stretches of time, long dis­tance trav­els, pro­longed sauna and steam baths may in­crease the tem­per­a­ture of your scro­tum mus­cle strength and growth can cause the tes­ti­cle to shrink. Use of co­caine and marijuana may tem­po­rar­ily re­duce the num­ber and qual­ity of sperm

lower testos­terone level, cause erec­tile dys­func­tion and de­crease sperm pro­duc­tion

have lower sperm count than those who don’t in­clud­ing the pas­sive smoker (those who in­hale the smoke from smok­ers)

hor­mones needed in sperm pro­duc­tion.

by im­pact­ing sperm them­selves and in­di­rectly by caus­ing hormonal changes that re­duce male fer­til­ity.

dis­tant truck driv­ers may in­crease the risk for male in­fer­til­ity. What are the symp­toms of male in­fer­til­ity? In most cases there are no ob­vi­ous signs of male in­fer­til­ity. How­ever poor­erec­tion (erec­tile dys­func­tion) and ejac­u­la­tion may some­times be as­so­ci­ated with male in­fer­til­ity. The quan­tity and ap­pear­ance of the ejac­u­lated se­men gen­er­ally ap­pears nor­mal to the naked eyes but med­i­cal test are needed to be done to find out if the man is in­fer­tile.

The un­der listed signs may in­di­cate male in­fer­til­ity: vChanges in sexual de­sire vTes­tic­u­lar pain or swelling vS­mall firm tes­ti­cles vProb­lem main­tain­ing erec­tion vIs­sues with ejac­u­la­tion

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