SPDC Spends N22bn in Bayelsa


The Shell Petroleum Developmen­t Company of Nigeria( SP DC) operated joint venture spent about N 22 billion from 2006 to 2017 in Bay elsa communitie­s, the highest such investment so far by SPDC and her partners in the Niger Delta, the company said yesterday. SPDC said the payments represente­d the total funds disbursed to the 14 Global Memorandum of Understand­ing (GMoU) clusters in the state since the inception of the mode of community developmen­t in 2006. The company’ s General Manager, External Relations, I go We li, while presenting the 2018 Shell Nigeria Briefing Notes to journalist­s in Yenagoa, said the sum was roughly half the funds spent on GMoUs in the entire region. “If you subtract this amount from the N41.10 billion invested in the 37 active GMoU clusters in the Niger Delta, it shows that the Bayelsa State remittance­s represent more than half of the total sum spent on G Mo Us in the region.

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