Ephraim Adiele argues that the APC has failed to fulfil its electoral promises


Dear Sir,

Ihave not been a fan of you as Nigeria’s president since you emerged as the presidenti­al candidate of the All Progressiv­es Congress (APC) in 2014 because I have done proper ground research.

My first draft of this open letter was quite lengthy. After writing for a while (about 1200 words) I stopped and realised I was ranting, then I realised I did not really need to analyse how bad your administra­tion has been because Nigerians are feeling it and do not need an article reminding them of their very sorry condition.

Then I remembered that fateful day – December 24, 2014 - when I was invited to Oriental Hotel, Lagos as part of a number of young leaders of thought to come and have audience with your then-Vice-Presidenti­al aspirant, Yemi Osinbajo. On that day, we were given the APC manifesto which I went through and laughed heartily because I realised that you and your party members really take Nigerians for fools (well, aren’t we?) by making promises that can never be fulfilled even in the next 20 years except a miraculous revolution occurs.

After I was handed the manifesto, I went through it and underlined several of those phantom promises which I knew will never be fulfilled. I will just list them here and probably just make a few additions later.

THE APC promises the following:

“Within the first year of your administra­tion, employ 740,000 (20,000 per state + FCT) young graduates in immediate employment and empowermen­t scheme.” - This promise was never fulfilled and this is already the third year and no signs of this ever happening.

- “After NYSC, we will pay graduates stipends for one year under a vocational scheme where they build entreprene­urial and work-readiness capacity.” – NYSC alumni… how market?

- “Create an additional middle class of at least four million new homeowners” – Please when and where is the next landlord meeting holding? I have to attend.

- “Provide free meals in school to drasticall­y reduce the number of out of school children. Osun State provides free lunches and got its enrolment to 80%” – This was APC using Governor Rauf Aregbesola as an example! I’m stunned!


- “Targeting up to 20% of our annual budget for education.” – By my last check, only 7% of the 2018 budget was allocated for education.

- “Ban medical trips for government officials” - Yes, you read right! Buhari promised to ban medical trips to abroad for government officials.

- “Tuition reimbursem­ent for health workers willing to relocate to rural areas” – I know many of my friends in the medical field who would dive at this offer if ever it is made, but what do I know? “Buhari has fulfilled his campaign promises”

- “In different phases over four years, APC will make monthly direct cash transfer of N5,000 to the 25 million poorest citizens, if they immunise their children and enrol them in school” – Dear Mr President, I strongly believe I am among the 25 million poorest Nigerians and my children are immunised and in school, where can I join the queue to collect my N5k?

- “Generate, transmit and distribute electricit­y on a 24 hour basis … by 2019” – I will borrow the words of Mr President himself when he was talking about his friend, Olusegun Obasanjo, “Where is the power?”

- “Will guarantee the independen­ce of EFCC and ICPC” – The same EFCC whose chairman was spotted wearing a Buhari re-election badge during a recent interview with Channels TV? Issokay!!!

In summary, a good look at the APC manifesto shows that the Presidency has failed woefully as regards fulfilment of its promises to Nigerians.

Aside the aforementi­oned, it is pertinent to note the following anomalies which have assumed order of the day since the President took oath of office.

- Incessant killing of innocent villagers by herdsmen (Fulani or not), people are being killed and nothing is being done about it! Benue, Taraba, Plateau… name it!

Just before the election, I used to have discussion­s with my friends and they were all of the opinion that you were the saviour Nigeria badly needed. I used to laugh and tell them you will do exactly what you have been doing and are still doing.

I would like to go on, but the point is clear, you proved no point to me, except that which I already knew before you won the 2015 election: You have no business being the President of Nigeria. I like you, but I don’t like you as the president of this country.

Adiele is a Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

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