I Have Strong Passion for Makeup


How did you begin your makeup business?

I’ve always had a strong passion for makeup and I believe it is ‘self-confidence applied to the face’. I went into makeup artistry to be a master of the game. Besides doing this, I love reading, meeting new people and seeing new places. I find great joy in helping various people regain their lost confidence. House of Deida is not just a makeup brand as it encompasse­s all things beauty and cosmetics, and the ‘house’ gives me room to expand in the near future.

What is exceptiona­l about your works?

I work mainly with young ladies who are beautiful in their own rights, but whom society hasn’t given enough room to express themselves. Most of these ladies develop low self-esteem and need something to build them back up. So, my work is to assist in this process and I give the best quality at an affordable price.

Who are your role models?

My role models are Tonia, Layefa Beauty, Peace Ibadin and, of course, my boss, Signature Touch Beauty, who has instilled in me discipline, importance of hardwork and creativity. Their works inspire me to do and be better in my craft and that there is always room for improvemen­t. In five years, I see myself as a successful business woman with a family I love and adore.

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