Help, Festac is Falling


The reason most people are doubtful of politician­s and their ways is that they are good at diagnosis but awfully terrible in applying cure. At the point of canvassing the people’s votes, like prophets, they tell you all the problems besetting you, and promise to solve them all. Then they get the power and they begin to load you with excuses and lousy stories.

The above is perhaps what the residents of Festac Town, Lagos are facing right now. Festac Town, is not only the headquarte­rs of the Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area, it is indeed the face of the council. But the town is on a steady and gradual fall with every facility nearly on the collapse mode.

But there is a Local Government Chairman, a certain Mr Valentine Braimoh, a protégé of his predecesso­r, Comrade Ayo Adewale.

Top on his campaign promise was to “transform” the local government in areas of health, education, infrastruc­ture, security, quality water supply etc. etc.

But nearly one year after, the council, rather than being transforme­d, is experienci­ng faithful deformatio­n. The road network around the town is hardly ever passable with many portions completely broken down.

It is amazing how a council, alive to its responsibi­lities, can live and tolerate such degree of decay. Many parts of the roads, like 7thAvenue (by Deeper Life Church), 4thAvenue (by Access Bank), 512 junction, 511 road, First avenue (by Fidelity Bank) etc., have caved in and posing huge danger to residents, especially the 7thAvenue spot. But nobody cares.

But none of these compares with the grinding traffic residents go through everyday exiting and returning to the town, as a result of the traffic snarl caused by the fire that destroyed the link bridge since December 13, last year. Till date, the reconstruc­tion work of a very small portion of the bridge has been as epileptic as Nigeria’s electricit­y. This is not to complain of the filth and blocked drains in the surroundin­gs, let alone asking for the promised quality water supply.

It is even now worse than when Obasanjo seized Lagos council funds under Governor Bola Tinubu. Or has Buhari seized Lagos Council funds too? What are they doing with the council funds plus the Internally Generated Revenue??

Yet, the council officials are always combing every nook and cranny to collect taxes and rates from residents. How negligent can a government be!

It is said that the sitting chairman is embroiled in a “fight” with his predecesso­r and that is why the business of governance is suffering. Too often, such fights are not unconnecte­d with finance and power control.

So, Mr Braimoh, could you sit up, take another look at your campaign promises and work on them, or pack your bag and go to your house. Enough of this mediocrity!

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