Canticles... Buhari: Three Years After, Are you Better or Bitter?


Were you at the stadium last Tuesday?

Stadium? Which teams were playing football?

Is it only football match that takes people to the stadium? I am talking about the celebratio­n of the Democracy Day of last Tuesday

(long hiss) Is it that one? Why should I waste my time to go to any stadium? Am I a primary school boy? Did I not listen to the plenty sweet nothings of Mr President on his broadcast? What is there to be excited about?

But the President made a lot of sense in his speech, promising to reinforce the essence of a government

So what does that mean in itself? It is such complex and meaningles­s declaratio­ns that have put us in the trouble we are in this country.

Did you not hear him talk about signing the Not–too-Young-to-Run Bill? Did you not hear of his many achievemen­ts: how people use less of generators now for electricit­y supply . Did you not hear

(cuts in) Hear what? I did not hear anything! Did you believe all those things Mr President was saying? Is it true that people use less of generators now? Do you know how much I spend on diesel and petrol to power my generators everyday? Do you know how much Nigerians are spending on vehicle maintenanc­e because of the badness of the roads?

He says he will sign the Not-too-Youngto-Run Bill, and asked the youths not to run against him. So what is the essence of the Bill? Put everything together, do you truly feel happier or heavier that Buhari is our president? Indeed, three years after that historic election, do you feel better or bitter?

My friend, the achievemen­ts of President Buhari are in the public domain.All discerning people know. Yes, the economy has been rough and tough. But it is showing a lot of prospect and recovery. You must have noticed how he grew our foreign reserves to an all-time high, how he introduced the Economic and Recovery Growth Plan, to stabilise Nigeria after the recession; how rails lines are being constructe­d in every nook and cranny across the land; how inflation rate is coming down steadily; how importatio­n of food items has dropped drasticall­y especially rice; how the nation’s infrastruc­ture are dutifully being revived.

Can’t you see that there is more money to do more things now because of the advantages of using theTSA, unlike before when all the money would have been stolen? Do you know how much has been recovered from past looters?

Look, Nigeria is better and I feel better. If you feel bitter, perhaps you have taken too much ofAlomo Bitters.

That is one side of the story.You convenient­ly avoided the issues of pervading insecurity in the land. How thousands of people have been killed in various herdsmen/gunmen attacks across the land.You convenient­ly ignored all the trouble about kidnapping and terrorist attacks in the North-east.You clearly forgot that four years after, some of the Chibok girls are still in captivity, not forgetting Leah Sharibu from the Dapchi School attack, who is still held by her captors because of her Christian faith. You convenient­ly forgot about the resurgence of violent robberies across the land, especially the recent bank robberies in Ofa, Kwara State. You convenient­ly forgot the hardship people are going through everyday, how people can’t pay their rents and other bills anymore, because even state government­s cannot pay workers’ salaries; how decrepit our hospitals have remained… JOHESU just called off their 45day strike action lastThursd­ay. Do you know how many people died without having access to medical attention? Do you know over ten million people have lost their jobs in three years, whereas the government had promised to create three million jobs every year? Are those the things that make you feel better? If yes, then you have taken too much of sugary substances, or perhaps tramadol

You must realize that it is easier to destroy than to build. Buhari is trying to rebuild a destroyed nation. Nigerians must be patient. PDP destroyed every aspect of the nation for 16 years. Don’t expect that in three years, the damage of 16 years will be completely corrected. The good news now is that we are headed in the right direction. It is no more a government of anything-can-go. Not anymore! So, this is a reconstruc­tive government.And people must be patient. The darkest hour of the night is closest dawn.

We are tired of the gospel of patience.We are tired of this sermon on patience.Three years is enough to make meaningful impact.That is how all previous government­s have been deceiving us with glib sermons about patience.We pray for them, they prey on us.We are tired.We are bitter. Another life is possible. Enough is enough!

Do you have your Permanent Voter Card (PVC)?

Not yet.

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