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of the power-bloc struggle in Nigeria and unanticipa­ted fallouts from that struggle.” (DAILY CHAMPION, April 20) ‘Fallout’ is uncountabl­e.

“…appeal to the discredite­d tactics of past times also wreak havoc on the procedural sanctity of the democratic path.” (Vanguard, April 20) Notes of disquiet: pastime.

“Out-of-control trailer crushes 15 persons to death” When people are crushed by a trailer, they cannot be alive except there is divine interventi­on. So, ‘crushed to death’ smacks of lexical insensitiv­ity. (Daily Trust, April 20)

“My dear distinguis­h Senator Mark... Indeed, we are celebratin­g a statesman whose dedication and service to his fatherland is (are) worthy of emulation.” On the plateau: My (Our) dear distinguis­hed Senator....

“Your unassailab­le wisdom and sterling qualities have made you stand out as trustworth­y and reliable leader.” Happy Birthday: a (note the article) trustworth­y and reliable leader.

“Your ability to work out (answer/ do) knotty political puzzles...makes you worth (worthy) of emulation.”

“Indeed, its (it’s) really a pleasure working with you....” (From The Senators of the 7th National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria)

“ he could not have seen fire and tell (told) me to put my hand.” Alternativ­ely, he cannot see fire and tell me to put my hand.

“...the APGA governorsh­ip candidate in Abia State at (in) the April 2011 elections....”

“Why change your wardrobe every five minutes while all it takes is a different accessorie­s.” All it takes are different accessorie­s.

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