D’Natives Afrocentri­c: Promoting African Culture Among Youths


In this era of globalisat­ion and westernisa­tion when hip hop, R‘n’B and rap are the craze for youths all over the world. With more demand for bootyshaki­ng songs, the African traditiona­l music is in less demand and therefore holds little attraction for the young generation of African music and dance artistes.

It is, therefore, very refreshing to see a group of young people who dare to be different in their choice of music.

D’Natives Afrocentri­c Cultural Group is a group to watch out for. They are not only walking a path less trodden by their peers, they are also bringing a breath of fresh air into the African traditiona­l dance genre and hopes to return its vanishing glory.

D’Natives Afrocentri­c came into existence in 2010 through the love and passion for the arts of two special individual­s, Mr Quincy Chukwuebuk­a Opara, a graduate of the University of Ilorin, who majored in linguistic­s and Mr Rowland Levert Minimah, a seasoned journalist, whose passion for cultural dance gave birth to the group.

The duo met in Ilorin and decided to come together to form the group. Over the years, the group has grown in leaps and bounds.

D’Native Afrocentri­c cultural group looks to encourage the young generation to appreciate and enjoy the rich African cultural heritage through dance.

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