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His visit to the production of Les Miserables with his sister changed his career path as he later pursued a degree in Performing Arts at the University Bournemout­h and later moved on to the New York Film Academy where he honed his skill. He has featured i

- Anythingyg ppreparep yyou ffor doingg

What was your childhood like?

I was born into a family of strong Christians, a family of pastors, so faith has always been a strong part of my upbringing and the lens through which I’ve seen the world. I am also the youngest of three children, which of course has its pros and cons. I credit my being the youngest as a vital reason why I have ended up in creative industry. I think as the youngest I probably, intentiona­lly or not, got a longer leash to explore the more playful parts of my character. Though my older siblings both definitely have a creative streak in them they are rooted firmly in the business world.

What are your experience­s in terms of success, failure failuref and lessons?

One thing thingg the entertainm­ent industry y teaches you yyou very veryyqquic­klyy quickly is there is no one route to success. Yes, it is importantp important to be inspired inspiredp by byy others and to learn lessons from what you yyou see around you,y you, but youy you will find yourself yyourself burned if you yyou spend p time trying tryingyg to imitate the success of another man. I have also learnt the importance importance­p of knowing knowingg who you yyou are and being beingg grounded ggrounded in that. Rejection Rejectionj happens happenspp often in the entertainm­ent industry industryy as there are a hundred times more actors than there are roles; so the likelihood is you’ll yyou’ll fail more than you yyou succeed and if you yyou aren’t sure of yourself, yyourself, it can get gget to you yyou quickly. qquickly.y Your worth should never be defined by byy what you yyou do or have, because even those with plenty pplentyy will find a reason to believe it isn’t enough enoughg and they theyy therefore are not enough. enough.g I have found that the more I have focused, not on any anyy specific specificp work or personal ppersonal gain ggain but on the impact impactp I have on others, the better other aspects aspectsp of my myy life has gone. ggone. Work seems to have been more fluid and provision pprovision always alwaysy enough enoughg for whatever season I am in, more so than that, the rejection rejectionj just jjust doesn’t hurt as much or last as long longg because my myy focus is not on that. I have been very veryy fortunate and blessed with the opportunit­ies opportunit­iespp I’ve had and the people ppeople p I have gotten ggotten to work with and learn from since I started working workingg in the film industry here, to have been a part ppart of films as instrument­al as The Wedding Party to films as refreshing as The Eve.

Did anything prepare you for what you are doing now?

I would consider

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