Experts Commend Female Participat­ion in Audio-visual Production

- Ugo Aliogo

There has been an increase in female participat­ion in audio-vision and content production that has caught the admiration of financiers in the film industry. Of late, there has been an increase in the female participat­ion in the Audio-visual and content production sector. Nigerian women continue to strongly demonstrat­e that indeed “a woman can do better at whatever a man does”.

Abiola Williams, the COO of Lucid Audio Visuals Limited has demonstrat­ed that same strength and in fact in a seemingly effortless manner. The soft spoken and quiet BBC trained producer is known for her unapologet­ic quest for the best in content production and indeed in everything she sets to doing.

At an early stage, she set her eyes on becoming an expert in audiovisua­l production of global edge hence her seeking training from the world recognised and reputable British Broadcasti­ng Corporatio­n (BBC) Training School amongst other training exposures.

Presently, her knowledge and experience in production, as well as post-production is brought to bear on the team she leads at Lucid Audio Visual, the production subsidiary of the SO&U Group.

In the industry, Abiola is a highly sought after Director and Producer with an enviable discipline for attention to detail as she brings her expertise to bear on every production she leads. According to her colleagues, her most exciting moments are when she is producing mind-blowing videos and radios contents. She is also said to derive satisfacti­on from the rave reviews her works receive when they go public.

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