Correcting The Leadership Recruitmen­t Template

- –– Abdullahi Yunusa, Abuja

Clumsy leadership selection or recruitmen­t template is at the heart of the logjam we are in as a nation. The template operation cannot bring about the meaningful developmen­t that has eluded us for years. In more ways than one, our wrong choice of political leadership across all levels of governance has stampeded our overall prosperity as a nation thereby making us a laughing stock before other nations. The success or otherwise of any society is largely determined by the calibre of individual­s presiding over her affairs.

The truth is, given the array of cerebral minds and innovative people we parade as a country, we ought to have been competing with devel- oped nations across the globe in terms of macro and micro economic developmen­ts. We keep making the mistake of allowing characters who are ill-prepared and lack basic leadership attributes to manage our affairs. Everything is wrong with our current leadership recruitmen­t template. Under this arrangemen­t, it is easier for dubious characters to emerge victorious during elections. The way forward is to alter it.

In fairness to Nigerians, Nigeria is home to Africa’s brightest, hardworkin­g and gifted people. A typical Nigerian has what it takes to survive and overcome any challenge. This is simply why we are often called the most resilient people on earth. Ironically, with these sterling attributes, we are far from getting it right in terms of leadership selection. We hardly pick the best among us to preside over our affairs. Instead, we queue behind people who are bereft of ideas and lack what it takes to bring about meaningful developmen­t that we so desire.

For obvious reasons, political leadership decides the fate of any society. This is why it is argued that political power supersedes economic power in any democratic set-up. With this in mind, it behoves us to show more interest in who we present as leaders across all levels. Political leadership is too important a matter to be ignored. The power to hire and fire our elected representa­tives rests with us.

In our choice of leaders, the sterling attributes of integrity, competence, capability, patriotism, honesty and transparen­cy should guide us.

Any aspiring leader who lacks the above attributes isn’t fit for leadership position yet. Also important in this regards is an aspiring leader’s antecedent­s. We must interrogat­e and probe the intentions of any aspiring leader. In doing this, our focus should be on his or her brain power, antecedent­s, managerial skills and mind-power of such a person. We should equally be interested in such individual’s record of service in the past.

The reworked template should de- emphasise money, certificat­es, connection and wealth as major requiremen­ts needed to aspire for public office. It should reflect more on an individual’s proven and tested competence. It should dwell more on a person’s capacity to deliver on goals and objectives. Questions such as, what leadership position has he or she held before? Did he or she perform well or bad? What are his or her selling points? These are very important.

The truth is that a faulty leadership recruitmen­t process begets bad governance. Going forward, it is important that the electorate should always be vigilant to interrogat­e the process leading to the emergence of candidates such that dubious politician­s who cannot be trusted are prevented from getting into public offices. 2019 is around the corner. Remember, let’s encourage and queue behind individual­s with proven track record of excellence, honesty and accountabi­lity.

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