Four Annual Holidays We All Need to Schedule


The idea of living in Lagos, as blissful as it sounds, comes with its own downsides. While the boisterous energy, the beautiful sounds and the proximity to the superstars serve as icing on the cake, the incessant traffic, insecurity, and recently, floods are some reasons you wish you could run (or fly) away. Only a few cities in Nigeria give people this mixed feeling and of the few that make the list, Lagos comes top. Before we derail, this article isn’t exactly about Lagos but about why we should, as much as we can, take time off to visit other cities and regions to expand perspectiv­es, learn about new tribes and places, get in touch with oneself, generally have a more robust understand­ing of life and hopefully, appreciate it a lot more.

A lot of people, without doubt clearly understand the need for these once-in-a-while-getaways. Several others at the start of the year while drawing up their to-do list, pen it down but sadly, fail to achieve the goal for several reasons, including finding the right time. If you, per chance, fall into this category and are unsure of how to fit your travel plans into what is left of the year, the good news is there are still a few more holidays you can take advantage of. Top on the list are the short weekend holidays, which comprise the Eid-el-Fitri celebratio­n billed to hold on Friday, June 15, 2018 and the Independen­ce Day celebratio­n, which falls on Monday, October 1, 2018, both of which further extend the weekend and make a perfect opportunit­y for a lovely, albeit short holiday. July, August and September are arguably the most anticipate­d months in the year, for no other reason than summer. Popularly termed the “Summer Holiday”, this period affords people a chance to get away for an extended period of fun and relaxation. The annual Christmas/ New Year Holiday, which traditiona­lly starts from December 20 and lasts till early January of the next year, is also another fantastic opportunit­y to jet off and relax somewhere far from Lagos and get away from the familiar hustle and bustle typical of Lagos.

In addition to these, three is the annual leave period, which, depending on the company’s policies, varies between 15 to 21 working days. What can be done with these days is uncountabl­e, travelling being one of them. Now that we may have cleared the issue of timing, the next issue most times is how to cover the expenses, which is of a truth, no longer a bother with the packages offered by forward-looking financial institutio­ns. Of particular interest is the Payday Loan offered by Access Bank, which enables loans to be available to salary earners, irrespecti­ve of what bank the salary account is domiciled. For those whose salary accounts are not domiciled with Access Bank to be eligible for the Payday Loan, they must be Remita customers. Nothing else – no collateral, no guarantors – is needed to be eligible besides being a Remita customer or having your salary domiciled with Access Bank. To make it even better, a maximum of up to N500,000 can be borrowed with the minimum being N1,000. By simply dialling the USSD code *901*11# you can get access to instant loans to make purchases and visit all the fun sites you desire. The Access Bank credit and debit cards also work with Visa and MasterCard thereby offering users a wider range to access cash, irrespecti­ve of the city they are in. The mobile and internet banking features of the bank also ensure that customers are able to access cash on the go. Access Bank has a variety of card products suitable for different demographi­cs. The bank’s debit, credit and dollar cards are suitable for individual and corporate customers, and with its Mobile Banking services, you can do banking transactio­ns from the convenienc­e of your mobile phone any day, anytime and from any location. It is convenient, fast and secure. Even during your holiday leave we know that bills might be piling up at home, there’s no need to worry, you can make your payments electronic­ally through Bill Pay, a payment tracking system which provides an easy and secure way to guarantee bill payment and help manage your money safely and securely from your own computer or phone via the Access Bank online banking platform you control your finances at your convenienc­e. Now that you know the four annual holidays to schedule and you know that Access Bank has your back all the way, what are you waiting for?

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