Watch out! Children Schooling Abroad May Be Getting High on Codeine, Others


Presently the Nigerian authority is waging a spirited war against the abuse of codeine epidemic and other drugs and substances in the country. This war, which many opine should have been fought long ago by the Nigerian government, sees the regulatory bodies and law enforcemen­t agencies clamping down on makers and importers of medicine with codeine content. And we owe the whole government­al action to a recent BBC documentar­y that highlighte­d the danger of the abuse of codeine-containing syrup by mostly the youths across Nigeria.

Codeine is a substance used in treating pain and cough. But it’s also been discovered it can produce euphoric feeling when consumed excessivel­y. Hence the abuse of cough syrup containing codeine among the youths to get high.

The abusive use of the substance by both male and female in the country is reported to be adversely affecting the behaviour of many youths across the country, the north especially where it’s been confirmed to be rampant and has taken control of a lot of citizens’ lives.

Meanwhile, to think the abuse of codeine and other dangerous drugs is limited to Nigerians living in Nigeria is to be grossly mistaken.

And this is where parents who send their wards to different countries abroad to study need to be more vigilant, particular­ly on the activities of their children who are far away from home.

Reports have indicated that many students who are studying in some of the best higher institutio­ns in neighbouri­ng African cities like Cotonou and Accra are also getting quite obsessed with the consumptio­n of codeine and other harmful substances.

Similarly, their contempora­ries who are sent by parents with huge sums to universiti­es in Europe and North America are equally hooked on the bad trend. In fact, many Nigerian students in schools in the UK, America and Canada are said to be fond of cocaine and similar hard drugs.

Indeed, this must be a frightenin­g wake up call for the parents; and very importantl­y, a moment to be more watchful and interested in the affairs of their children who are left to study in foreign lands.

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