Joy spreads like dandelions in full blossom, across the pastures of Sir Shina Peters. Ecstasy nestles in his heart; it flits astride his world, impregnati­ng it with cheer and unrestrain­ed gratitude for a life well spent. There is melody in the life of Sir Shina Peters. The progenitor of Afrojuju music genre attains the wonderful milestone of 60 with the shriek champions make at that point when their chests meet with the victory tape.

Even though the Afrojuju maestro may be past his prime, his lyricism and exploits remain worthy cornerston­e of the Nigerian music industry. Shina is no doubt an accomplish­ed artiste by whose exploits and under whose tutelage generation­s of ambitious musicians may yet prosper. Realising the significan­ce of his new age, Shina threw a lavish party in Lagos. It was a star- studded event last Wednesday, at the prestigiou­s Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos. In appreciati­on, Shina beamed with smiles and heartily hobnobbed with dignitarie­s and friends at his star- studded birthday. As the woofers belted out familiar, evergreen tunes, their hair stood on end and they tipped over in merriment - their joy spilling from their souls into the air and sky high. Enthralled, the guests moved in gaiety, tap dancing and swaying to the beat as if they meant to enact a madhouse jamboree with the tenacity and agility of veteran dance and music buffs. Shina’s birthday was no doubt a convergenc­e zone for the high and mighty from different parts of the country. Guests at the party were treated to the choicest liquor and sumptuous meals made by the finest caterers. You couldn’t have forgotten so soon how Shina brought together a new group of what we called yuppies in town, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Mohammed Gobir, Lanre Tejuoso, Segun Awolowo, Ayo Subair, Wale Otubanjo, Hosa Okunbo, Rotimi George- Taylor and many others. It was unlimited fun at the popular hangout in Stadium Hotel, Surulere, Lagos, back then.

 ??  ?? Sir Shina Peters
Sir Shina Peters

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