only things deserving of her attention are her business, her husband’s foundation and her kids.

Since Caroline Danjuma, former video vixen, spasmodic actress and estranged wife of Barrister Musa Danjuma, declared that her marriage to the money man was done and dusted, and that she was indeed dating late Tagbo Emeike, she has become the toast of many young men who believe she is within their reach after all. They didn’t come to this conclusion overnight; there is a background to the story. Tagbo, a close friend of music star, Davido, died after a binge- gonewrong, Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017. Incidental­ly, the day was his birthday. As the story goes, Tagbo and Davido and other members of their posse had gone to a bar in Lekki, Lagos, to have fun. It was a public holiday and the following day was Tagbo’s

birthday. So, there was cause to let their hairs down in the way rich kids know how best to. Tequila was for starters and there was a N200, 000 bet on Tagbo drinking some rounds. In a viral video, a member of the crew could distinctly be heard telling the deceased ‘ Tagbo, you no get body o’, translated to mean “Don’t drink much, you know you are lightheade­d.’ Paying no heed to the concerned friend, Tagbo was, also, distinctly heard replying how much he would get if he gulped the Tequila. In yet another video, released this time by Davido to prove his innocence in Tagbo’s eventual death, Tagbo was seen swaying and flailing drunkenly while pushing everybody in his path. He was said to have been locked in his car where he passed out. The following morning, Caroline took to her Instagram account to call out Davido, asking him about the circumstan­ces surroundin­g Tagbo’s death only stopping short of calling him the murderer. Caroline later took down the post but maintained that she wanted to know how the otherwise pale- looking Tagbo died. Caroline’s vehemence was what prompted posers as to her relationsh­ip with the deceased. She would confess, in an interview with a blogger, that she was indeed dating Tagbo. A couple of respondent­s went as far as alleging that she was seeing Tagbo before leaving Musa. The mother of three, however, denied he was the father of her last child, a girl. “I met Tagbo when I was legally divorced and out of my ex’ house to start a new life. My daughter is three years old and I only met Tagbo last year, so it’s not possible that Tagbo is the father of Elizabeth,” she said. Since this confession, the half- caste beauty has been the target of many young boys who feel that if she could have dated Tagbo, then, they stand a chance with her. And she has equally been receptive of the newfound attention by posting pictures of her droolworth­y derriere on Instagram.

Alex Cole is the younger brother of Tonye Cole, the MD/ CEO of Sahara Energy, one of Nigeria’s foremost oil and gas companies. Of course, he is also Ambassador Patrick Dele- Cole’s son. And he is a thoroughbr­ed with sound education like all the Coles. But that is where the similariti­es end. Unlike his easy- going billionair­e brother, Alex is a man- about- town; a jolly good fellow who comes across as having no worries in life. Every day for him is Christmas, or, at least a day to celebrate with rounds and rounds of expensive drinks. A night crawler par excellence, Alex is a force on the social fixture of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Though an executive director in his brother’s Energy Group where he serves as Managing Director of Sahara Trade, sobriety is reportedly not in his lexicon. His affinity with cognac and other expensive alcoholic drinks is well known, so bad that he reportedly goes to the office straight from the club as he always has a change of clothe in the trunk of any of his choice cars. A heavy spender, he has Abuja girls drinking from his generous palm. And they swarm round him like bees to honey. When he clocked 40 last year, Abuja almost choked on his alcohol- fuelled party. And he has been like that for years, says his friends. No amount of family meetings can make him have a rethink about his lifestyle. And there is little any one can do because he seems far too gone in his ways.

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