Dapo Abiodun, billionair­e magnate, has given the breath of life to Jimoh Ibrahim’s comatose enterprise. Like the gust of breeze that ignites dying embers and cold hearths, the Heyden Oil boss is resuscitat­ing Jimoh’s moribund petrol stations enterprise. He is doing so by buying up Jimoh’s dilapidate­d fuel stations; he has acquired Jimoh’s fuel stations till date. While Jimoh has been pawning off his oil assets, Dapo has been committing good money and resources to his peer ’ s troubled stations in order to rescue him on one hand and actualize his kerosene and Premium Methylated Spirit ( PMS) commercial enterprise on the other hand. Dapo intends to go full blast into the business hence his decision to buy up Jimoh Ibrahim’s failed fuel stations. Dapo started Heyden Petroleum Limited ( HPL) as an independen­t Oil Trading Company ( OTC) in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom on October 30, 2001. Its trading activities range from refined white products to semi- refined black products. Heyden Petroleum also explores its formidable network structure to access and expand business relationsh­ips wherever profitable and feasible while promoting and sustaining profession­alism. HPL is actively involved in the trading and distributi­on of Automotive Gas Oil, Diesel, Fuel Oils, Bitumen, Crude and some intermedia­te components within and outside Nigeria.

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Dapo Abiodun

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