Gradually, young Nigerian girls have found a haven for prostituti­on in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Being a tourist destinatio­n with an endless influx of visitors from all over the world, these desperate young ladies now find it more lucrative plying their ware in Dubai. So commonplac­e have Nigerian prostitute­s become that everywhere you turn, they swarm round you. At the upscale restaurant and club, Kiza, these girls have a means by which they know when a new person just comes to town. Kiza is Dubai’s first African- fusion restaurant offering a wide range of authentic Africa cuisines. The ambience is chic and appealing and it is always the first port of call when you want to enjoy good home food in Dubai. So, with this knowledge, Nigerian girls always throng the place from morning till Kiza closes shop. Meanwhile, apart from the ease of connecting Dubai from Nigeria, another attraction for the girls is that visas are also fast- tracked here. A visit to the bar before was somewhat an experience and what was seen is better imagined. Nicely stacked ladies with the morals of alley cats whistling at men, overdresse­d and over made- up babes playing at hookers. Skimpily clad nubile creatures who‘ ll give a vicar impish ideas and brings hot tears to eunuch’s eyes, itsy- bitsy beauties, sex sirens and vixens, shapes and curves mobile - literature­s and babes displaying sheer attitude, you name it, Steam bar had the cream.

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