Obaseki Frets over Poor Execution of Projects

- AdibeEmeny­onu inBeninCit­y

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has expressed dissatisfa­ction with the poor handling of projects executed by the Edo State Oil and Gas Producing Areas Developmen­t Commission (EDSOPADEC) in the last six years.

Obaseki expressed his dissatisfa­ction when he received the Engineerin­g Audit of EDSOPADEC’s projects from 2011 to 2017, noting that it was discouragi­ng that the commission failed in its mandate to utilise funds to ameliorate developmen­tal challenges in oil producing communitie­s.

“I am not happy that of the funds for projects made available to the commission only 30 per cent was put to use, while similar commission at the regional level had only expended 10 per cent of funds for project execution,” Obaseki said.

He explained, “These commission­s that were supposed to build alternativ­e economiesa­ndassistoi­l and gas producing communitie­s to prepare for a time when crude oil resources would be exhausted, have not done enough for the communitie­s. “This is unacceptab­le. Hence, we will not constitute new board for EDSOPADEC until we clean up the system. We will invite contractor­s who abandoned projects and where there is need for the contractor­s to return funds meant for projects we will not relent until such funds are fully recovered.”

Obaseki mandated the permanent secretarie­s in the state’s ministries of Infrastruc­ture and Urban & Regional Planning, to review the audit report submitted by the Developmen­t Engineerin­g Konsult Limited and develop a white paper thereafter.

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