De­mon of Her Past... Af­ter Do­nat­ing Kid­ney to Her Mother, Tu­face Baby Mama, Pero Adeniyi, Back in the So­cial Whirl


Like a closet gla­di­a­tor, burst­ing through her self-wo­ven sheathe of tact and ob­scu­rity, Pero Adeniyi is back in the so­cial whirl. Yes, Pero re­cently saved her mother’s life by do­nat­ing one of her kid­neys to her. Pero’s mother, Princess Bi­ola Adeniyi, had been suf­fer­ing from kid­ney fail­ure for more than a year be­fore her body’s im­mune sys­tem be­gan to at­tack her kid­neys. Faced with the pos­si­bil­ity of los­ing her mom, Pero who had kids for Tu­face, went to Mary­land to re­move one of her kid­neys to save her mother. It was learnt that Pero’s sib­lings also of­fered to do­nate their kid­neys for their mother but it was Pero’s or­gan that matched the re­quire­ment.

Pre­dictably, Pero’s bold move to save her mother has been elic­it­ing show­ers of adu­la­tion from fam­ily, friends and well-wish­ers. Pero’s mother was in­deed shocked and over­whelmed at the depth of her daugh­ter’s love for her.

In her young life, Pero, the so­cialite daugh­ter of busi­ness­man, Jide Adeniyi of Poat­son, has weath­ered many storms. Life and love per­haps plunged her into a hole but she didn’t climb out hastily. In­stead, she dug deeper, en­joyed the scenery, and has come out from the other side more en­light­ened and stronger.

From an af­flu­ent fam­ily, her fa­ther be­ing a for­mer pop­u­lar and rich busi­ness­man with in­ter­est in transportation and the cre­ative in­dus­try, Pero came to lime­light as the wife of a New York-based busi­ness­man, Tunde Borokinni. She would at­tain a dif­fer­ent kind of so­cial ac­claim when she re­port­edly dumped her hus­band to be­come the lover of su­per­star singer, Tu­face Idibia. She went to gift the singer his first of many ba­bies out­side wed­lock.

To­gether, they have three kids. Their stormy re­la­tion­ship hit the ice­berg due to her ru­moured dom­i­neer­ing na­ture among other fac­tors; Pero dom­i­nated the love life of the singer so much that he was said to live in con­stant fear of her whether or not she was around. At the height of his fame, Pero once ac­costed him in pub­lic to make cer­tain do­mes­tic de­mands.

When the heat be­came too much, es­pe­cially as Tu­face went on to fa­ther other kids by other women, Pero re­lo­cated abroad and bade the singer and his bag­gage a good­bye. Tu­face went on to sur­pris­ingly marry ac­tress, An­nie Macau­lay, fur­ther rip­ping into pieces Pero’s ten­der heart.

Not much was heard from her un­til a few years back when her mum was down with a kid­ney ail­ment and it be­hoved her to do­nate one of hers which she did.

It’s been three years since the suc­cess­ful trans­plant and mother and daugh­ter are alive and hearty to tell and retell the story.

In­ter­est­ingly, Nige­ri­ans thought they had moved on from the Pero/Tu­face drama un­til last Mon­day morn­ing when a vi­ral video of Pero, in a crowded La­gos club, sur­faced, hug­ging and cud­dling An­nie, Tu­face’s le­git­i­mate wife, with the lat­ter, hands clasped, mut­ter­ing re­peat­edly, “I am sorry.” Tu­face later joined the tear-filled scene and also broke down in tears as he was cud­dled by Pero who stonily told him to get a grip of him­self.

But that wasn’t what caught many peo­ple’s at­ten­tion alone; it was the sheer see-through black top Pero wore. Her whole mam­mary gland was in the open save for a nip­ple cover which many mis­took for her are­ola. The mother of four – two girls, two boys – was past car­ing as men ogled end­lessly at her. No doubt, more of the dark-hued beauty would be seen now on the so­cial scene as the tem­pests of her past life seem to have sub­sided.

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