Shebi you peo­ple are watch­ing. Any­body who has not bought pop­corn and be watch­ing this soap opera will re­ally miss a lot. So the PDP oga has said that Asi­waju of life will be work­ing for Atiku come 2019 and the APC has im­me­di­ately de­nied it. The state­ment was is­sued by my friend and oga Tunde Rah­man, but if you be­lieve that, then you are a begin­ner in Nige­rian Pol­i­tics. Me I am say­ing it here cat­e­gor­i­cally that Tin­ubu will work for Atiku. What we have just seen is the usual test­ing of the waters to gauge re­ac­tion and then they will go back and strate­gize. Look, when I talk, you guys should listen. Apart from the fact that I am the Duke of Sho­molu with a Mas­ter’s de­gree in Po­lit­i­cal Sci­ence from The Univer­sity of Ibadan, I re­ally un­der­stand these things I tell you. Once I eat Afang, my eyes will just open. Tin­ubu has no choice but to work with Atiku be­cause who wants to risk a Buhari sec­ond term? My peo­ple, a Buhari sec­ond term will see many peo­ple cry o. When the man does not need to come for an­other elec­tion with all this talk of loot­ers, hate speech, will you still be sit­ting there and be call­ing your­self Asi­waju of Bour­dil­lon? I re­ally do not envy Tin­ubu at this point be­cause I will dare say that he is fac­ing a lose-lose sit­u­a­tion. If Buhari wins a sec­ond term what guar­an­tees would he be given to Tin­ubu, and if Atiku lead­ing a PDP gov­ern­ment emerges, your guess is as good as mine. The baba is not sleep­ing again. He has weighed the thing and see­ing that he too is be­ing faced with a lesser of two evil op­tions and is now us­ing style to dance to that other side. My can­did ad­vice: let him plead old age and health con­sid­er­a­tions and re­tire from pol­i­tics and go on ex­ile for a while and re­lax. He can also go to Is­rael na and be send­ing us pic­tures of him in the dead sea at peace with him­self. He go tough for this 2019.


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