Shall This Cup Pass over Buhari?


Had any­one thought that the is­suance of an at­tes­ta­tion and con­fir­ma­tion cer­tifi­cate to Pres­i­dent Muham­madu Buhari by the West Africa Ex­am­i­na­tion Coun­cil (WAEC) would cre­ate more prob­lems for the pres­i­dent and his party than solve the sub­sist­ing quag­mire, the move would not have been con­ceived in the first place.

For many years run­ning es­pe­cially af­ter as­sum­ing of­fice, Buhari has had to con­tend with the sor­did al­le­ga­tion that he did not sit for WAEC be­fore join­ing the Army and there­fore not qual­i­fied for the of­fice of the pres­i­dent, since that is fail­ing the min­i­mum re­quire­ment test. But the pres­i­dent, be­fore the at­tes­ta­tion cer­tifi­cate was handed to him, had main­tained that his cer­tifi­cate was with the mil­i­tary, a claim the mil­i­tary could not con­firm ei­ther.

But since last week, Buhari and the APC had come un­der strin­gent at­tacks and de­servedly so es­pe­cially, from the op­po­si­tion Peo­ples Demo­cratic Party (PDP), which not only de­scribed the cer­tifi­cate as po­lit­i­cal but an­other low in Buhari and APC’s prop­a­ga­tion of lies. As it is, even if there was a lull in the con­dem­na­tion of this ‘un­pres­i­den­tial move’, it is un­likely that this “cup would pass by the pres­i­dent”. In­deed, these are in­ter­est­ing times!

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