500 Po­lice­men De­ployed to La­gos Is­land


The Lag os State Po­lice Com­mand has de­ployed ad­di­tional 500 po­lice men to var­i­ous routes on the La­gos Is­land with spe­cial fo­cus on Apog­bon,TBS, Eko Ho­tels and en­vi­rons as ef­forts to boost the num­ber of per­son­nel al­ready at var­i­ous points in the area. The de­ploy­ment was ne­ces­si­tated fol­low­ing events com­ing upon the Is­land which in­clude: The Ex­pe­ri­ence, Ad ekun­leG old Concert, th eD a vi do Concert, RC CG Holy Ghost Congress at Re­deem Camp and Shiloh at the Win­ners’ Chapel. Ac­cord­ing to the po­lice spokesman, CS PC hike O ti, the events would lead to surge in ve­hic­u­lar and hu­man traf­fic; thereby bring­ing ad­di­tional pres­sure to the al­ready strained traf­fic sit­u­a­tion in the com­mer­cial city re­sult­ing in grid lock .“To ame­lio­rate the fore seen sit­u­a­tion, the state Com­mis­sioner of Po­lice, Ed gal I mo hi mi di­rected that the 500 de­ployed po­lice men be posted to La­gos Is­land to boost the num­ber of men al­ready on ground to pre­vent crime and en­sure smooth flow of traf­fic.”

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