Wound still in Dab­ota Law­son’s Heart


The name Dab­ota Law­son is al­most syn­ony­mous with con­tro­versy. The con­tro­versy sur­round­ing her failed mar­riage to Prince Sunny Aku is still fresh in the minds of many. Soon af­ter her mar­riage crashed, she dis­ap­peared from the so­cial scene, giv­ing room to insin­u­a­tions in some quar­ters that she was ei­ther broke or still busy lick­ing her wounds. But Aku, the boss of Novena Majesty Fur­ni­ture, main­tained his cool and rather fo­cused on his busi­ness, even in the face of provo­ca­tion. Re­cently, Dab­ota gave rea­son for peo­ple to be­lieve that she was still nurs­ing the wound in her heart, es­pe­cially as she poured her heart out on her In­sta­gram page.

Ac­cord­ing to her, her big­gest re­gret was mar­ry­ing Aku whom she tied the knot with back in 2014. Re­flect­ing on her re­grets, she wrote: “This week­end, I spent a lot of time think­ing and talk­ing about past events in my life. My friends kept say­ing ‘Dab­ota ev­ery­thing hap­pens for a rea­son and you are who you are to­day be­cause of all that had hap­pened.’ But I said to them, ‘no!! I’m not so thank­ful.’ I wish I made bet­ter de­ci­sions and was care­ful be­fore get­ting in­volved with cer­tain things and cer­tain peo­ple. I wish I could see the fu­ture of how some of my poor de­ci­sions will stay hunt­ing me, be­cause they ac­tu­ally do? Ev­ery time I win or do bet­ter it’s be­cause I chose to and I took a right turn, not al­ways be­cause I’ve learned a les­son.

“The only thing I know is my mind and heart is just stronger, too strong for my own good. I’m al­most not in touch with re­al­ity and strictly fo­cused on pur­su­ing goals and mak­ing sure ev­ery­one and ev­ery­thing around me is fine. I miss be­ing care free and the soft­ness and in­no­cence I used to have. I hate the fact that I have ma­jor trust is­sue and as­sume ev­ery­one has an ul­te­rior mo­tive around me. I mostly re­gret ever get­ting mar­ried in 2014 (please keep all that lessons and what­ever you think I got from it talk). I hate the fact that I did! Pe­riod!

“The only thing I did right that keeps me go­ing was mak­ing the de­ci­sions to go through with my preg­nancy and have my child. My daugh­ter is the only thing I’ve done right in the world of over 25 years of my life. That’s how I feel. Be care­ful about the de­ci­sions you make in life.

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